Movie Review-Some Guy Who Kills People

Hitting Home Video July 3rd

Plot-This film is about Ken Boyd, who is fresh out of the insane asylum. Haunted by memories of those who tormented him early in life, he is out to avenge what was done to him. Some guy, who kills people, is a character study how someone who was locked up for so long can adjust to life outside in the real world. Along the way, he meets a girl who takes a liking to him, deals with his dead end job at an ice cream parlor and getting to reconnect with his daughter, who did not even know he existed. This is from Jack Perez who is responsible for films like 666: The Child, Wild Things 2 and Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus…

Review-How to label this film confuses me somewhat…it has some horror elements, but also some feel good moments, comedy and family drama. That being said, this is Jack Perez’s best film to date. To get into a film like this depends on how much you buy into the main character Ken and his plight to try and fit in with society. The film has about 4 kills, and the gore and scenes were top notch. They have this kill in a drive in scene that to me could sell this film to a gore hound. But, the reconnecting of Ken with both his family, his daughter he never got to spend time with before, and how he accepts a woman liking him…may cater to a female viewer.

The scenes and dialogue were beautifully written and the actors really went above the page, to sell the scenes. Ryan Levin’s script at times ventures from comedy, to drama to pure horror within seconds. It is like each scene has you guessing what is next and I loved that feeling of this film, that it grabs you and gets your attention with just its braveness to be different but yet familiar.
One of the major pluses to this film was star Barry Bostwick as the sheriff, the dark comedy and deadpan delivery was such a major plus for this film. Another plus was Lucy Davis who played the so called love interest Stephanie. Just like what she did in Shaun of the Dead, she owns her scenes with Ken. A dinner date that the conversation just turns odd, she sold the vulnerability of her character when she opens up about her life. You almost feel as damaged as Ken is, he is not alone. The scenes of trying to reconnect with his daughter were good but at the same time, I felt they were trying to tug away at the heart strings too much, like a scene where Ken witnesses his daughter get bullied just like he did in school. But, the payoff to the scene was pure genius and so out of left field that I liked it. I have no idea who to recommend this film to, a gore hound may like some of the gore elements and maybe get turned off by the human aspect of the film. And a female will love that aspect and may not be into how hardcore some of the gore is. I know, if you have a chance to see it, you should and judge for yourself

7.5 out of 10