Movie Review-Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

Just look at the heading Slaughtered Vomit Dolls directed by Lucifer Valentine, are you guys expecting Amadeus? Me personally, I was expecting to at least be entertained and while this film offered very little of that, it did gross me out to the point that I thought hard about turning it off many times. People, who read my reviews, know I like shocking, controversial and art house films. This film is all 3, but it did not entertain me as much as it should have. This movie starts off with alot of visions and voices. We know whatever is going to happen, it involves a stripper, a lot of sick and morbid visions and a voice. The movie starts off strong, it had me. I love the sick poetic tone and the visions. Tons of nudity, but then the puking starts, oh boy what a concept get a bunch of porn star wanna be’s who will puke on camera and maybe give you a glimpse of their assets. The girl starts just puking so much blood comes out, umm am I missing something is this what we as a society are being reduced to these days for entertainment. Not even entertaining gross, just gross. Then she talks about how she pukes, and goes into great details. But, then, we see them cut a guy’s head open; eat his brain and more puking nonstop. The music and atmosphere was hit and miss. The feel of the movie was desperate. Like, Lucifer thought ok this will work so why don’t I milk it to death. They cut a girls arm off, and use her fingers to gag themselves to puke. This film I can easily put up there with August Underground’s little gem Mordum, as not even entertaining but pure snuff. It’s not film making its just senseless unappealing trash, and this is coming from someone who praised a film that had an actress piss on the image of Christ and love the shocking. Again, if you are into just gross for the sake of gross, well then look no further this movie is for you. I loved 40 -50 percent of the movie, I hated all the puking but I am an idiot because what did I expect looking at this title. I think I was expecting it to be fake, and not so real. I would pay to see this film presented to the MPAA for a rating to show in Multiplex’s, it would give heart attacks to most of the committee members.

4 1/2 out of 10