Movie Review-Scary or Die

Plot-Horror is one click away. Scary or Die is a website that you can click a tale and watch a story on your computer. Think a really wacked out Creepshow with a slightly lower budget.

Review-Before I start to talking and dissecting this film and saying what I liked, loved and hated. I want to say right off the bat, if you know what you are getting into before you watch it; you may appreciate it more than you would if you went into this film because someone told you to. I am here to tell you what to expect, we will start from the story I thought was best to the one that I thought was the least successful.

Clowned-Holy fuck, I loved Clowned a lot. Talk about a story that gave me a shock, the first few seconds you were expecting some supernatural film. The story revolves around Emmett and his younger brother Andy. The short starts off with Andy running around the bridge at the beach and hears crying. Well, his brother comes and takes him home and thinks he has a wild imagination. The next day, at a party Emmett has a problem with a clown and the clown bites him. Soon, Emmett starts to realize this was no ordinary clown and is on the run to find this clown and stop him, but the whole while chasing after him, Emmett is slowly but surely turning into a evil clown “zombie?” himself. Right off the bat I want to say, how is this not a full length film? This was all the gore you can hope for; it gives you plenty to turn your head on. It gets pretty sick when Emmett at first tries to stop the transformation with a razor blade. Not only was this film very intense, but it was also very emotional. Emmett really sells his predicament, the pain he feels for having to leave his girl behind, his family and the fear he would turn against his little brother. Just for the make-up and effects, this could be worth the price of the whole dvd alone. All you clown horror fans, you will dig this one a lot, they respected us big time.

Lover Come Back-This was the shortest but it packed a punch, that will have you talking even during the credits. It is narrated to us by a woman who we are unsure at first what her motives are or her story is, but it slowly starts to unveil itself and it is a fucked up one. She was in love, gave her heart to a man who was a player, and she accepted his ways, and then love turns violent and he starts to beat her up and abuse her more and more. That is all I can tell you, because this was 8 minutes long and I just gave you 5 of it. The other 3 are the true beauty of this short. I think Chris Brown should be subjected to watch this at least once in his life.

Taejung’s Lament-This was such a wink to us horror fans. It starts off with a business man who is either lonely or a pervert, it is never discussed and he follows around any girl he deems as good looking I assume. Also he is haunted by a female presence. You with me so far, because this really was confusing to me at first cause there were very little dialogue in the opening minutes. One night, a group of females pass him by and one keeps looking back at him, and he is smitten by her and starts to stalk or follow her, and she gets abducted. So he sticks his cell phone in the guy’s gas tank so he can follow him on the computer and track the cell. I feel anything I say past this will spoil the rest of the short for you, so I will say this right now. What a fuck you ending. I liked the balls to do it, it was surely an interesting way to end this short and will make horror fans get that smirk on their face as they know they saw the ending coming a mile away, but did not see the wink.

The Crossing and Re-Membered are the other two shorts to this anthology. Re-membered felt like a very paranoid Twilight Zone, as a hit man does his job and takes the body to dump it and gets pulled over by the cops. It built an ok tension and was decent for what it was, but compared to the other shorts, this sort of felt like one of the weaker. It lasts about 9 minutes and you get to deal with a paranoid hit man who is worried about cops and the corpse in the trunk. It just feels like I have seen this act before, and at this short it really was a wasted chance, if it was around 20 to 25 minutes and built the plot a little more and explained the twist more, maybe I would have cared more.

The Crossing-If I based this review by people who do a lot for blogging Bill Oberst Jr. would win an Oscar. The blogs love Bill and he is always good to us as well, but this film is not based off that. This short opened the whole film and it was ok for what it was, you have 2 redneck men and one hot redneck woman in Arizona who are killing Mexicans and people who they deem as illegals. Well what happens when the people they killed, rise from the grave to get the gringos? Again for what it was, it was not bad, the zombies looked decent enough for the 4 minutes you do get them, and Hali who plays Connie to me was the true star of this short, and that is no knock on Bill. Bill really did not have that much of a presence in this short, so this is no Bill Oberst Jr. show, which sort of sucked to me, because if he had more to work with and longer to go, I think he would have brought more to the role. But, I loved the fuck you ending to this as well. That is one thing I can say about this dvd, each story has either a ending to make us smirk or we feel we are being winked at. I mean when you watch Scary or Die, there is not one part of this film you will roll your eyes or look at your watch. This 90 plus minutes will entertain you, and have you asking for more. Michael Emanuel-you know what the reaction for Clowned will be, get us a full length film. That would be the real test for this anthology to see if any of these films could translate into features. There is a lot of potential.

7.5 out of 10