Movie Review-Run Bitch Run!

Plot-Things go horribly wrong when Catherine and Rebecca, two Catholic School girls, knock on the wrong door while selling bibles in a weird town.

Review- If you put this movie on right now and watch and did not know any better, you would think you were watching some 1970′s vigilante sex romp. This movie is I Spit on your grave meets soft-core 70′s sleaze. Movie starts off with a prostitute being smarted off to by a client who tries to keep his money and leave, and she kills him. They end up butchering him. You’ll know in this first five minutes if this movie is for you because there is sex, drug use, profanity, racial slurs and dismemberment. The movie is non-apologetic, in your face, and very fun. Of course, this is not to everyone’s taste. The killing looks very real. When the girls witness the murder, the scenes are pretty grim. The title to the movie comes from a game they play half way thru the movie with one of the girls; they give her a chance to run in the woods. But, if she is caught, they rape her. This movie is exploitation in its finest. You get wall to wall sex, nudity and violence. This movie has a ok script, the setting and feel of the movie was tremendous. The actors all did a good job, and you can tell they were having a good time with what they had to work with. Is this a horror film? You get horror kills, and blood..but I consider this more a action picture with blood. The soundtrack and music for the film was awesome. My only gripe is if you have this much full frontal nudity and a decent rape scene, why not just make it porn? Christina DeRosa is to die for. Her in that catholic school girl outfit, oh wow that alone made this better than most of the movies I have watched this week. All combined. I had a good time with this movie.
7.5 out of 10