Movie Review-Rogue River

Plot-The latest from Lionsgate is about what happens when a young female named Mara who wants to dump her father’s ashes into a river in the back of isolated woods. When a man named Jon stops her and tells her that she should not do this, he walks her back to her ride to discover it is gone. Now stuck in the middle of the wilderness with no ride, or cell phone service she is offered a ride to Jon’s place for a warm meal and some help. Well once she gets to his house, she soon discovers things are not what they seem to be, as she is now abducted and being tortured by Jon and his ummm…wife?

Review-You know when you have Bill Moseley starring with the lead singer from Everclear what to expect. As a whole as compared to the 800 other cheapies Bill has put his name on this month, this was not the worst of the bunch, that being said though, this is bad. The film opens with Mara, as she is taking that long drive from home to Rogue River. I guess some of the silence in this long drive was there more for atmosphere and creating some kind of tense-ness. “Oh my god, she is on a long trip, not sure where she is going or what she is doing, but it must be important judging by her facials”. Bill Moseley, make no mistake about it-is the true star of this film. The acting from everyone else in this film, pretty much tells you that Bill is the sole person in this film that even has the chops to make it scene to scene without looking utterly fake or ridiculous. There are 2 twists to this film which I guess are supposed to be some kind of “taboo” or “shocking”, but they came across as so lame and utterly just unnecessary. There is a scene that happens during dinner, when Mara who looks so cautious and scared cuts her hand with a plate. Wouldn’t the first sign to get out of that situation be when the couple is screaming at you and trying to hold you down and do surgery on you? Art from Everclear plays the man trapped in a case that is also trapped in this house. I sort of liked 2 Everclear songs, so I guess the next progression is going from a fake rock band to a bad actor, not really too much of a stretch. If you have witnessed films like The Loved Ones, Saw, or any low budget films that involves abduction, torture or cheap looking extreme violence, then this film really has nothing much to offer you.

My issue with this film is just all the characters in this film, with the exception of Jon, really had no personality or dimension to their talent. They could have been played by brooms for all I know. And chances are the brooms would have acted better. The creep factor with Bill works perfectly with this film. There is a scene where he is standing in front of Mara’s bed in his tidy whites and watching her sleep while he is holding her dad’s ashes. Also, there is a death scene in this film that she uses her dad’s ashes to kill someone, but later in the film she still has all the ashes intact? I am not really sure how that works, but it did. This film was boring, uninspired, and really not even worth the time to even look for it in the redbox. Oh well, there is always next week and Bill Moseley’s next direct to dvd cheapie.

2 out of 10