Movie Review-Road Rant with Lydia Lunch

I am putting the critic to the side for this one. It is fan time; I am a huge Lydia Lunch fan. I first discovered Lydia in a beat poetry coffee shop in the mid 90’s, this female employee was playing a cd called Honeymoon in Red. I went out the next day and had to have some Lydia Lunch cds. Thru my love of her music, I found out she did spoken word as well. So in the period of 7 weeks, I went from her work with Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Foetus, all the way to her work with Sonic Youth, to her solo powerful spoken word stuff. Very opinionated and at times very uncaring who she offends, there is truly only one Lydia Lunch. Then, she became an author and released a few books. Soon I found out, she made films, and better than that. She worked with my idol Richard Kern on some obscure late 70’s films. Again, like the artist herself, the stuff on some of these films like The Gun is Loaded is very different and could offend the common viewer. This material was very powerful and sexual, and knew no bounds. Now here we are many years later and I hate to admit this in 2012 the last few Lydia Lunch cds have been really lame, and I am a die-hard fan and I admit they were horrible. It is like instead of trying to reinvent herself, she just tried to water down her past and make it seem like it is acceptable to give people a half assed Lydia Lunch. It was like she was trying to give people a top 40 Lydia.

So he we go with Road Rant, the latest live dvd that also has excerpts in a radio station interview. The interview on the station with Lydia Lunch, was just as good as all her interviews. She also calls out a question that says she ripped off Courtney Love and said Courtney is this and that. And also in the same sentence praised my girl Kat Bjelland and Babes in Toyland. The songs and spoken word live are all typical Lydia and cover all the hits of her career well what 48 minutes of live can cover. Of course all the staples are in this but I am still upset there is no full Honeymoon in Red concert. That is the one cd that us fans have called her classic. As a whole Lydia Lunch still taunts the audience with her social attacks on things that people do not like to be attacked, like politics and religion. And to watch her live and you know most people are not listening to the message and she seems to look like she is losing patience during the performance is all the reason I needed to know this is the dvd for me. Also included is Lydia in a car driving on this 130 date tour, the biggest of her career. I guess I seen too much of Lydia, because it seems to me she is so non appreciative of this success she has. All in all, this was a fun watch and if you are a Lydia Lunch I really need to sell you on this? If you are not a Lydia Lunch go buy some Teenage Jesus and the Jerks cds and Widowspeak. The woman is art rock, spoken word messiah..

8 out of 10