Movie Review-Necromentia

Before I start this review, I want to say it is a sad state of affairs when someone as talented as Pearry Teo is silent right now. If you are letdown by what Hollywood has pumped out as of late, and know how bad the Hellraiser franchise has sucked in the last 20 years. This film review may be for you, enjoy.

Plot –Pearry Teo gives us what Hellraiser should have been. This is some disturbing stuff. Read on.

Review- What would you get if Pulp Fiction and Hellraiser were mixed together? The answer is Necromentia. Pearry Teo’s follow up to The Gene Generation is a smart horror film. The less you know going into this movie, the better. There are some scenes in this movie that make you question the man-made theory of hell. What truly is hell? And who truly is a bad guy, or good guy? Pearry makes this movie that keeps you guessing from scene one to the end, who do I truly think deserves what. There is a scene that involves a special needs person and a suicide song that is the most bizarre thing I have seen this year. It’s funny, but it is so cold and cruel. That you question why I even laughed at that. This movie is that different horror movie that genre fans have asked for. It’s different. In the year of 3D, and remakes and sequels, this movie is such a fresh breath of air. When you see this review and watch the movie, you will see why I did not want to go into detail about this movie. It’s in my top horror films since I began blogging. If you are a horror fan, you will dig this. And you have to watch it at least twice; there is just too much going on. And that is a great thing.

This film just seemed like more of a homage to Clive Barker than anything since Hellraiser in Space. Finally someone has respected the horror fans and made a film that does not insult us and actually gives us credit for being fans of the genre. While I have been vocal on facebook in the last few months that there should be a Necromentia 2 with Jessica Cameron starring in it, I think the fans are just as vocal. We need more from Pearry Teo, and if Hollywood had any sense they would have him on speed dial. Such an incredibly talented director who has a sick as fuck vision that really translate to fans as fun. We need more directors like Pearry Teo.

8 out of 10