Movie Review-Headspace

-Originally released in 2005, Headspace tells the story of Alex who when he was a kid along with his brother, watched his dad kill his mom. Now older, he is getting smarter and smarter by the minute, almost at an alarming rate. He has found a way to turn on the switch to use the unknown part of the brain that is never used. Doing this also opens Alex up to night terrors, hallucinations and losing his grasp on reality. Let it be noted, this has a kick ass cast. Among many others, Sean Young plays his mom, Dee Wallace Stone as a doctor, and Pollyanna McIntosh ( aka The Woman) plays a girl who gets naked a few times.

This film is being billed as a horror film, while it does have some horror elements like monsters and the hallucinations; this film is more like a slow psychological thriller. The first few minutes of the film were sort of confusing; you see a happy family that one night experience a not so happy situation as it looks like mom Is possessed and is out to kill them, now the kids do not know this but the father does. And he kills his wife and their mom with a shotgun right in front of them. Now, the father gives the boys up for adoption which splits them apart. From there, this film focuses on Alex and his increased usage of his brain, and the side effects it causes.

I will say this; I enjoyed the horror element of the film. I love the creatures and some of the kills. If this film offered more of that it would have worked so much more than it did. Now, I am not saying this is a very bad movie; it just seemed a lost movie which made it a bad film. During certain scenes, you just felt like the film had no idea where it was going and were more willing to throw talent into the film than a decent script and plot. I thought the “beautiful mind” esque aspect of this film got so annoying after a while. Alex tried to sell us his plight so many times, and it just did not seem believable. The scenes that involved him watching his friends have sex made no sense at all, then to be a mind reader on top of it, just lost me. You are telling me if you can read minds and are that smart where you can master chess after 2 games and read a book and memorize it within 10 seconds of picking it up, you would not try to use this skill set in a different way beside stalking people having sex and trying to creep out people. I thought the premise of the film was sort of ok in parts. I liked how he started getting smarter and smarter, and I loved that they ended the film the way they did. I was scared they were going to give us some cheap ending that every other film like this does. Thank god, they thought outside of the realm of what others do.

This film just felt like two different films, the horror film was really fun, the serious drama about Alex was not so fun, and just dragged for the most part. This film really tried and had great intentions, but in the end it was a failed opportunity as a whole.

4 out of 10