Movie Review-Fresh

I know what you are thinking, because I was thinking the same. Not another film about what is harmful and hurtful to our bodies, or another film that shows us the horror of where our food comes from. There is no denying that there is a good message and a big heart behind this film and at 72 minutes it does not overstay its welcome. But, it is one of those films that we were fearing. This little film raises a lot of points about sustainable food and the history which has given rise to the all-pervasive industrialized food system that we know today. This film gives us the notion that our food system should be allowed to emulate the way things occur and thrive in nature, they give us examples that include a small farm where cattle are allowed to migrate so that grazing fields can replenish themselves. Some pretty sad and heart tugging images are contained in an industrialized chicken farm where the animals are overcrowded, physically altered, and dosed with chemicals and antibiotics so that this unnatural lifestyle doesn’t lead to mass death. On the vegetative angle of this film, they gave us a sequence about ordinary people in an urban setting who have begun an impressive community garden and grassroots educational movement. On the economic side, we see how a grocery store chain in the Kansas City area is supporting the local co-op farmers. While Fresh may not offer much new information to those already in a healthier food movement, it does take the matter very serious and makes us all identify with it. Almost in a more personal than attacking way, like trying to preach to us and teach us at the same time.

This film has a few interviews with people like Author Michael Pollan among others, and they are trying to inspire you to think about options and that you’re not as limited as you think as a consumer. The dvd has no bonus features to speak of, besides the trailer. All in all, this was not too bad, and was way better than other films which really just seem to preach and come across as empty. This made you feel like you could really inspirational in changing your way of thinking about food. I say if these documentaries are up your alley this is better than most.

7.5 out of 10