Movie Review-Dolla Morte

Plot – In a world of dolls and toys things are starting to go wrong. Abominations emerge in increasing number as people (dolls) grow more hateful and intolerant. Religions clash, cultures collide, and superstition prevails. While other movies shy away from the gruesome things that people do to each other when one group declares another group an enemy, this movie was made with dolls, and you can do ANYTHING to dolls.

Review – I am going to burn in hell. What Team America was to puppets, this movie is to dolls. The movie is 69 minutes of just plain politically sharp humor and very offensive images and depictions. They have a few musical numbers in here as well. Welcome to my Anus, being one of the numbers. My Soul belongs to Satan being another, with some of the weirdest and most elaborate images I ever could imagine you can do with some dolls. I don’t know if it’s a montage or music video, it was just pure odd, but yet I could not turn away,. This movie is racial, its sexual, its satanic, its religious, and its political. The main subplot involves George Bush doll trying to become a vampire so he can live forever, which involves a drop of Jesus doll blood? There are some jokes in this movie that will offend people a lot. Epically the little short about Superman, it was so cruel I wanted to not laugh. It was bad. But, the Jesus doll imagery is very bad. And the pope, it’s not only offensive but it’s not funny, it’s just plain cruel. But, I liked it. You have impaled dolls, doll sex, doll body fluids, doll ass to mouth, on a cross much less. This movie is just a series of skits meant to either make you think, or make you laugh. Or just plain offend you. There are some moments in this movie, that I felt fell a little flat. But, this is one of a kind. And I know, no one will ever have the balls to try this again. Zebub has some fucking issues and thank god, because we need more directors who are creative and out there who can create films that are entertaining and very controversial. Thank god or satan, for this man, he is a fun director with a fucked sense of humor. Love it…

7.5 out of 10