Movie Review-Dear God No

Looking at the cover art to this film it would be easy to dismiss this as a cheap knock off on the 1970’s exploitation era of biker films? While you may be a little on base, when you start to watch this film you will soon realize that this film is so much more than that. Dear God No tells two separate stories that will eventually merge as one. Story one is a biker gang that does thing their way, and seems to either rape or kill anyone who seems opposed to that way. Their actions are tasteless, violent, cruel and let’s be honest really fucked up. They would kill a family member if they felt the need, and would not think twice about it. When a deal at a strip club goes wrong, which leads to one of the funniest and just all out awesome gun fights I have seen in quite a while, which involves strippers with dead president masks and all seem to have guns. You know you are in a bad neighborhood when you go to a strip club and the girls all have guns and just start going all guns blazing. Well, during this melee one of them gets shot pretty bad. So, they go to a little hole in the wall convenient store place to get some beer and discover a couple who consists of a pregnant woman, and her poindexter man. Well, the guys kill the man behind the counter of the convenient store, and notice that the couple is gone. Well, now they think of them as witnesses and have to find them. Also as this story is being told, we learn of another story that involves Dr Marco who is an Anthropologist, and his basket case daughter Edna. You are not really sure what is going on with them, you know they are up to something but not sure what. Well, when the pregnant girl and her husband go to see the Dr and his experiment, you learn that the Dr is up to something that goes beyond all concept of science and is going to be so groundbreaking.

Well, the biker gangs seem to find the Doctor’s house and this is when the film really takes off into something that really goes beyond what the cover art shows you. It was like they knew what people would think going into this film, so why not throw a few curve balls. I know IMDB and Amazon have the spoils to the film, thank god I do not read them going into a film, if I knew this or that it would have taken away what surprises this film does offer. This film reminded me at times of El Monstro Del Mar, where you go into expecting one thing and then as film starts to unravel, it becomes another and another. With films that are exploitation and a throwback to 70’s and was released after Rob Zombie’s The Devil Rejects or Grindhouse, you know what to expect. And this film does not disappoint in delivering the violence, gore and just all out brutality.

Any film you have a drink called a dirty shot, and it involves a woman taking out her bloody tampon and dousing it with booze for someone to drink in a shot glass, you cannot really fault the film for the extreme nature of the material. Do some of the scenes go too far, yes of course they do. But, if they did not who would want to watch this film? A film like this has to push the boundaries because if it did not, it would really lose a part of its identity. That being said, there are some scenes in this film that I think will offend some viewers and make others happy. This is truly that film, that people are either going to love a lot and cheerlead this film to friends, or they will hate and call it this or that. There is really no middle ground with a film like this. Me personally, I loved this film and think with The Turnpike Killer are making some very strong statements in 2012 as to where film needs to go towards in terms of pushing an audiences buttons to make them react to what is on the screen. Today’s films are no longer escapes, they are reminders and warnings. And films like Dear God No, take the mental element out of a film, where you are in some kind of escape or happy place, and makes you get involved in the film to be manipulated or feel cheap and dirty by watching things unfold.

This is a film I cannot recommend enough, and think if you are into films like Run Bitch Run, Turnpike Killer, Necronos and etc. Sit back and have fun with this one. Dear God No, fuck that…I say Dear God Yes…

8.5 out of 10