Movie Review-DeadTime

Coming to dvd July 24th

Plot-How is this for a premise, a band is told by their record label to go to an old mental institution/warehouse to work on new music and a video. While there working on this opus, the band and crew start disappearing one by one by a knife wielding slasher. All in the name of Rock and Roll…

Review- Tony Jopia’s Deadtime is a small little British indie that has a lot of positives and a lot of negatives. Let us start with the positives: This had some really well done kills, and the blood work was unreal. Some of the kills in this film made me think that they were lying about the budget. Well done kills, which leads us to another positive, the characters sell the situations they are in very well, they make you believe you are in this with them. The first 53 minutes of this film had a great build, they built a good story and put the band and their girlfriends and label people in a peril that we all know what is going to happen next but still have fun with it. The killer, what a cool looking killer in almost a Jason Vorhees Friday the 13th part 2 meets The Town that Dreaded Sundown, a knife wielding hooded with a burlap sack insane killing machine. I thought the film for the most part and what it offered, was not that bad though not original but still was fun. The film had a good backdrop to play off of with the institution, and used every room and part of it.
The negatives, the reveal was done too soon. They gave it away too early in the film and it felt like they could have kept building it where it would mean more. It was like the director was not so sure if that was the route to go, I liked the killer better with the sack. Then, the black and white Saw inspired montage at the 53 minute mark to show us how we got to the reveal, it felt sort of silly not to wait till the end to spring this on us. As good as the first 53 minutes was, the last 42 was not so good. The kills in the second half were horrible and looked so uninspired and fake. It was like they ran out of budget on the cool stuff and had to go cheap on the end kills. I cannot really give you too much into this reference without spoiling it, so with the killer we go from Jason Voorhees to Clockwork Orange slash wanna be Heath Ledger and Johnny Rotten inspired persona. What a letdown that was, and when they try to explain it all to us, it seemed so silly that I would have rather just guessed at it. It just felt like after the reveal happens they just abandoned the film and let it finish itself.
I think it is unfair to really hate all the last 42 minutes, there are a few good things sprinkled here and there, that sort of kept my attention. Just be warned that the finale is sort of lame, but you will have with some of the kills. The killer has fun with that knife that is the size of a small sword, and uses it quite a few fun times. All in all, this film is worth the rental.

7 out of 10