Movie Review-Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Plot-Think a very cheesy version of Hitchcock’s The Birds, as a small town is under attack from killer birds. Can anyone survive this Birdemic?

Review-I bet in a packed theater with a bunch of college kids or people intoxicated this film would be a cult classic with everyone rushing out to buy this dvd or blu ray. This film is tailor made for a crowd and not a by yourself experience. This film is an “it is so bad, you have to see it” sort of film. The plot seemed like it was written by an 11 year old, and the CGI was so bad and awful, and the audio had some issues as well. But, this film entertained me a lot by how bad it was. I mean let’s go over some of this dialogue really fast: Ramsey says “Where is Becky, Rod” and Rod shoots back “She’s taking a shit and Natalie is watching her back”. The first part of this film is more like a dating show and tries to build a story between the characters. It takes about 45 to 50 minutes to get the horror element into this film, and by that point you are just sitting there just amused at how bad these guys are trying to act. I have seen infomercials more suspenseful than the characters trying to sell me fear in this film, and that is why I liked this film. Because it is so awful and unwatchable, that it actually worked to see how bad this film could get and still keep your attention. There is a date scene in the first half hour of the film that makes the Naked Gun and Hot Shot dating montages look like Gone with the Wind and Ghost. It was so horrible and awkward, that you just sit there and feel the pain for the characters and the actors playing them.

I know they are working on a sequel, and I would say I hope James Nguyen learned his lesson, but I am thinking maybe he is the next Ed Wood. Hell, Andy Warhol is a legend, but how many really 5 star classics did he release, as opposed to how many duds. I am a huge Warhol fan and know that it is what 80 percent negative to 20 percent good. So, James knows this film got his name on the map and that he out Syfy’d the network and gave a film that was not only bad but it was a lot of bad fun. The birds make an odd sound almost like a World War II aircraft and can explode, birds can explode yes. Do not worry they explain it all to you later in the film, and the explanation is so cheesy that I was happier not knowing. All in all, this film is so awful and bad, that I laughed a lot and had fun with it. While no masterpiece, it is at least worth seeing at least once.

I would say in closing if you are having a party and you guys want something to keep the party going, throw this dvd or blu in the player and within seconds it may have all of you screaming at the screen and laughing a lot. This film was very oddly cheesy fun.

Instead of rating it, I will just say this. Everyone has to experience this film once. Just for how bad it is, this is a film that no matter how depressed you are, could put a smile on your face or make you forget the ills.