Movie Review-After the Dawn

Coming to dvd September 25th

Cassie is a survivor of a chemical attack that seemed to transform everyone into infected zombies. When she finds a house to crash in, she discovers a young boy she names Jake. Together they are on a path east to get away from the zombies, and in search of the man she loves who she is hoping is still alive. This Apocalyptic film is told thru the eyes of Cassie, and how you feel about this film all depends on how you can relate, follow or get into the Cassie character. If you are watching this film for zombies, you may be somewhat disappointed. The film does have zombies here and there, but this film is such a slow burn plot driven film which tells the story about a woman on the search for a man she loves. The film is heavily told thru her narrations into a diary she is writing, and also thru a lot of flashbacks. While the flashbacks never chronicle the attack and the people transforming, the flashbacks focus on building the romance between Cassie and her boyfriend Alan, and showing us why she is dead set on finding him and thinking he is alive. I thought the very few zombie scenes we got in this film were such a fun nod to 28 days later. From how fast they ran to what they looked like, and I had fun with those scenes. The character of Cassie was very well portrayed and the script was so well written. She was a cross between Alice in Resident Evil, and Denzel Washington in Book of Eli. The flashback scenes some of them just felt so out of place, especially the one between her, Alan and her brother. As short as the flashback was, it overstayed its welcome. Now, there was a flashback scene close to the beginning that involved a father, his daughter and wife that fans of the end of the world film genre may dig a lot. It was very hardcore and brutal, and kudos on how realistic it looked.

The camera angles and locations in this film were very well done; the story for the most part was really even as slow burn as it was, was not that bad and actually kept my attention. I wish they would not have dealt so heavily in the flashback element of this film (unless they wanted to show the attack, and how the outbreak started), and had more faith on Cassie’s character being able to carry the film more on her words, than silly flashbacks. But, for a first time director on such a small budget it was ambitious and really was fun. If you are into character driven films with elements of suspense, and some horror, you will have fun with this film.

I think Nicole Kruex has star written all over her, from her accent to her Amy Winehouse resemblance; she really sells this film and gets you involved. This film while not inventing the wheel, it made the ride less bumpy. All in all, from start to finish it will keep your attention, and you may have a little fun with this. I did.

7 out of 10