Movie Review-Act of Vengeance

Plot-After failed raids in Istanbul, two Turkish agents are being sent to New York City against their own wishes on a mission to capture a notorious terrorist known as the Anti-Christ. Working with the FBI and NYPD, the agents orchestrate the arrest of a suspect who may or not be the notorious Dejjal or Anti-Christ but when events escalate, the foreign agents must take things in their own hands and stop him.

Review-This is basically a film about what happens when the FBI who tracks terrorists could be wrong in whom they apprehend. The film tried to be like Traffic in the aspects that it tried to shoot so many scenarios at you at one time, and gave you so much to follow that if you blink or get distracted for a second you are lost. I appreciate the direction this film gave us, and I appreciate all the actors really trying to shine with what they are given. Though, my downfall with this film is just really nothing set it apart from the other 20 other films we have seen that are in the same vein. Robert Patrick and Gina Gershon really shine above anything else they have done as of late. Yet in the same breath,Danny Glover felt so out of place in this film, you can tell he was in this film just for the payday. The first half hour of this film is the true test if this film is for you. It gives you a lot to keep up with, and a lot of things that you are not clear about what are actually happening, why it is happening and who is who. The first ten minutes started off with some promise. It gets confusing when the Turkish agents come in and have to go and find this Anti-Christ or whatever they claimed him to be. The tactics they use to question people are what you would expect, and the NY FBI just let it happen, and no one ever stops this or questions the behavior of the agents. So you are telling me, if I am in jail for any crime at any time an agent can beat the crap out of me in front of others for info he thinks I may know? If that is the case, why don’t they just assume all child molesters, rapists and murders hold info on a lot and daily beat them all up and when questioned for their behavior and treatment of a prisoner say they are from Turkey and do not understand our laws?

The film is a muddled mess, from start to finish this film gives you a lot to think about and wants you to buy into. The payoff in the end is not worth the time you invested and you will understand why this film went thru 3 name changes before it ended up with this one. The actors did good with what little they had, but you cannot expect acting to overcome a bad plot, confusing dialogue and so much thrown at you, that you almost feel like you are watching 4 movies. This film may have been a good TV series. Like a CSI like show, as a film it is just way too much and maybe needed more explaining for the regular film buyer or renter, and something really solid to put their time into.

3 out of 10