Mike Patton Resurrects Tomahawk

Mike Patton Resurrects TomahawkTomahawk, the mega-band featuring Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mondo Cane, Fantomas), Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard), Trevor Dunn (Fantomas, Melvins Lite), and John Stanier (Helmet), is back after five years. The group is planning on releasing a new album entitled Oddfellows in January and will be doing their first live performance in nine years at the New Orlean’s Voodoo Music and Arts Experience in October. The group plans on announcing more tour dates in the near future.

Regarding Oddfellows, Denison says, “It’s dark and claustrophobic here, light and spacious there. Live in the studio, all together in one room. Oddfellows indeed.”

You can watch an album teaser below.

  • Chris

    I wish Mike Patton would resurrect Faith No More.