Metal Review: Cardiac Arrest – Vortex of Violence

Cardiac Arrest - Vortex of ViolenceAs if the title does not already tell you enough about the band, Chicago-based Cardiac Arrest’s latest release Vortex of Violence is indeed violent. The aggression is consist throughout the entire release and the anger never lets up from the opening riffs to each death-soaked verse belted out. Quite honestly, this is one of the most brutal death metal albums that I have heard in a while.

Drawing much inspiration from classic death metal bands, Cardiac Arrest brings you their take on the death metal scene. You owe it to yourself to check this band out as they grow stronger with each release.

Following up the bulldozer that was 2010’s Haven for the Insane, Chicago-based death metal purists Cardiac Arrest return with their highly-anticipated fourth full album. Aptly titled Vortex of Violence, Cardiac Arrest once again demonstrates what true death metal is all about with a vicious and relentless assault of grinding intensity and neck-snapping aggression. Continually pushing their sound to new levels of extremity and excellence, Vortex of Violence is the mark of a band whose primary goal is to write music that will not only outlive, but absolutely crush any trend that attempts to pollute the genre of death metal. 2012 sees Cardiac Arrest poised to rip the coveted Chicago death metal crown off the head of any and all challengers.

Vortex of Violence Track Listing:
01. Portal of the Damned 03:08
02. To Their Graves 03:43
03. Relentless Pursuit 03:10
04. Conjured Beings 05:17
05. Primitive Lunacy 03:59
06. Vortex of Violence 03:43
07. The Depths of Despair 06:28
08. Ritual Plague 03:53
09. Subject to Torture 03:13
10. Sacrifire 04:07
11. The Last Thing That You See 06:58

Cardiac Arrest