Portland Underground Film Festival 2012
Clinton Street Theater – 2522 SE Clinton Street
Friday June 29 – Sunday July 1
$8 ($6 if you bring a flyer)

Underground film is a thriving art form. There are tons of people out there making movies for very little money. And guess what? A lot of them are really fucking amazing. Yeah. That’s right. Since we are conditioned by the cineplex to reject anything that doesn’t look and feel like a Hollywood movie, many great no budget works get misunderstood and marginalized. The Portland Underground Film Festival shows this stuff.

Seth Sonstein, former owner of the CST and curator of PUFF, has left the building. The Clinton Street and PUFF are now under new management. It’s going to be a little bit different this year. For example, I don’t think there’s going to be an Adolph Hitler meme. But some things stay the same. Like Bike Smut.

Friday, June 29
This year PUFF continues the beloved Reverend Phil’s Bike Smut tradition with two shows of cycle humping sexiness, one program at 9:15 pm and another at 11:15. pm. In addition, the Ecosex Symposium skype-in with the legendary Annie Sprinkle, as well as a keynote speech by will be happening at 7 pm.

What is Ecosex? “Ecosexuality can be an expression of sexuality inspired by nature, as a part of nature, or actually having sex with nature (natural products, toys, sunshine, water, etc.), a dating preference (ecosexuals only dating other ecosexuals), and or the belief that sex is natural and that all orientations and preferences are valid and part of the vast erotic landscape of the complex human being.”

Saturday, June 30

This year there’s a bevy of amazing stuff from all over the USA. Portland, too. One of them is actually in 3D!!! Holy crap it’s awesome! Some of them are funny, one’s a little sexy, one’s pretty intense. Nothing gross or stupid, though. They’re all pretty artsy.

Lili White Preceeding Darkness
Carey Burtt Helping With Travis
Jenn Keyser and Karl Lind Meditating With Angels
Sean Ferris Everyday Today
Neil Ira Needleman Prelude & ErotiLoop
Dina Fiasconaro I See A Darkness
Jim Haverkamp When Walt Whitman Was A Little Girl
Greg Hanson Good Taste

Damon Packard’s Space Disco-One – 9 pm

PUFF is so very damn happy and proud to be presenting underground film’s most mind blowing auteur, LA’s Damon Packard!!! His stuff has played the Lincoln Center and he’s gotten all sorts of accolades from all over the place for how rad he is. If you haven’t already, you need to watch SkateBang now. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I think the director’s putting together a little intro especially for this Portland screening! OH MY GAWD!

This program will also feature three shorts from local filmmakers. Jeff Guay’s atmospheric apocalyptic tale of a wandering dreamer named Mr. Roboto, Principia, will be presented, as well as Salem’s Mike Grossman and John Allen’s shot on film sci-fi mood piece I’m Sorry I’ve Kept You Waiting. FInally, the story behind Deserted Film goes like this. Filmmaker Ian Sundahl found a roll of super 8 film at a junk shop and there was some stuff on it that was shot forty years ago. The junk shop owner shot some stuff on the roll too. Ian finished it off and blew the film up to 16mm and there it is.

I am very sorry they all happen to be white men, but I swear their movies are really fucking good.

Sunday, July 1

Tandem Hearts – 7 pm
“Moving to Portland, Oregon and finding work in food service is easy for Paul and Ramona. A struggling musician without bandmates, Paul becomes introverted and moody. Ramona’s friend from college introduces her to a new social circle and she goes out while Paul stays home. When Ramona confronts turning thirty, it’s time to grow beyond old routines and her relationship with Paul comes to a head.” Shot in Portland by musician/filmmaker Jon Garcia, Tandem Hearts is funny and has a soul with great performances by the two leads, Heather Harlan and Quinn Allen. The soundtrack consists entirely of Portland bands. See the trailer.

BUMPS – 9 pm
Local director Bob Moricz shot BUMPS in 2009 after finding out about the high school teen pregnancy pact scandal in Gloucester Massachussetts and beat the Lifetime Channel’s The Pregnancy Pact starring Thora Birch to the punch by making this movie. It gets inside the tightly knit circle of teens and lays bare the psychology leading to the strange and controversial endeavor of six teens deciding to all get pregnant and raise babies together in a family without fathers. Watch the trailer.

“Bob Moricz’s movies contain an amazing shitload — and I mean shitload — of atmospheres, flavours and smells…”

– Guy Maddin, filmmaker

“…the work of filmmakers such as Bob Moricz deserves as much serious analysis as Welles, Spielberg, Hawks, Coppola and Nolan.”

– Mike Everleth, Bad Lit