DVD Review-White Collar: Season Three

Guest Reviewer-Melissa DePaolo

Plot-Following the exciting season finale of season 2, we continue to follow Peter, Neal, Mozzie, and the rest of our favorite suits and con men. This season is by far the most interesting and exciting season yet. It explores the aftermath of the big events in the season 2 finale, and the effect it had on Peter and Neal’s relationship, and Neal’s other relationships with Mozzie, Sarah, and Elizabeth. We learn much more about Mozzie’s origins, including the origin of his nickname in an episode heavily devoted to him. Neal’s arch nemesis Keller is back, and we’re introduced to a gentleman con man/thief who is very much like Neil. We meet Peter’s mentor from the Art Crimes division of the FBI, played by Beau Bridges. And we even manage to learn more about Neil’s background and backstory, along with getting yet more questions about him and his background. If you have not watched Season 1 and 2, you may want to start with those first.

Review-White Collar Season 3 continues the story of con man Neal Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer) and FBI agent Peter Burke (played by Tim DeKay). Neal assists Peter with FBI cases involving art thefts and forgeries, while trying to hide some of his ‘extracurricular’ activities. This series has both an overall season arc as well as a ‘thief-of-the-week’ case for the characters to solve. These features by themselves are not that interesting, it’s the series’ writing and cast chemistry that really sets it apart. Every supporting character is also well-written and developed. (My personal favorite is Willie Garson as Mozzie, Neal’s ally from his time as a con artist.) Some of the stand-alone episodes get kind of meh, but the overall series is worth sitting through. My real complaint regarding the DVD collection is the lack of in-depth extras. The extras included are a cast trivia challenge (interesting, but a little spoilery), a short featuring creator Jeff Eastin and his Twitter addiction (cute-ish), a gag reel (hey, look, they’re goofy actors! “/), a couple of deleted scenes, and 1 audio commentary for the final episode. This series is definitely worth checking out; however, the extras are, um…, there

The show-Recommend
The extras-if you bought this dvd for the extras, ask for a refund.