DVD Review-Burn Notice: The Complete Fifth Season

Guest Reviewer-Melissa DePaolo

Plot-Burn Notice Season 5 picks up with Michael Westen being allowed to work with the CIA taking down the agents that burned him, but when his agent contact is murdered and Michael is framed for it, Michael (Jeffery Donovan), Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Sam (Bruce Campbell ), Jesse (Coby Bell) , and Michael’s mom Madeline(Sharon Gless) pull together to help find out who was responsible.

We begin with Michael being embraced once again by the CIA, under the purview of his old handler Raines (the always great, but sadly under-used Dylan Baker) and while he’s in a probationary period, he’s putting all of his old skills to work with his new partner Max (Grant Snow) and has a new case officer, the sharp and attractive Agent Pearce (Lauren Stamile). He’s living in something resembling bliss also, with Fiona moved into his loft, desperately trying to make the place more hospitable. Sam is back down to his “fighting weight”, as we saw in the tie-in TV movie THE FALL OF SAM AXE, and Jesse has a flashy job with an independent, high-profile security contractor. Madeline is also dating!

The first few episodes of the season deal mostly with Michael sliding comfortably back into working as a spy again, going back and forth with his pals, becoming somewhat toned down by Fi, and outwitting the bad guys. Things turn for the worse with a shocking death that Michael is intended to be framed for, and our heroes scramble to track down the real killer, while keeping the intrepid Agent Pearce off their backs. This leads once again to another showdown with Dead Larry (the sleazy and great Tim Matheson in his recurring guest role) who is forcing Michael again to do something dangerous and traitoriou, as they race to save the life of an innocent wsoman who is engaged to a psychiatrist named Anson who has been kidnapped by Larry. As we find out shortly, Anson’s fiance is already dead and when Fi tries to save Michael using small amounts of explosives, the detonation seems to cause greater damage than anticipated and kills the small unit of innocent security guards in the building

Review-Burn Notice is, simply put, a lot of fun. The story is kind of goofy (like, you know, an action movie) and it is chalk full of clichés (I think that the city of Miami would have noticed all the explosions), but it’s really great watching the dynamics of the Michael, Fiona, and Sam (and Jesse more recently). The cast looks like they are having a lot of fun and the stories are fun to go along with. It’s definitely worth the watch. The extras, like with most USA series, are lacking. There is an extended episode, deleted scenes, a gag reel, and 1(!) commentary for the final episode. The ‘Villians of Burn Notice’ feature was decent. Check out the series. It’s fun.