Corey Haim Star Project

It has come to my attention that an Indiegogo page has been set up for friends and fans of actor Corey Haim to contribute to the Corey Haim Star Project. I have never been a huge fan of Indiegogo because so many abuse the privilege and exploit it instead of actually putting that money towards a film but I feel Corey Haim does deserve his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can find more information on the project on Corey Haim’s official website  I have no idea who is running this website and it’s not the most professional website in the world but it’s very moving and it has a lot of useful information along with heartfelt details from Corey’s own mother, Judy. On this website you can also find the Twitter petition, the Tumblr page, and links to some eloquent articles written by fans of Corey’s. Some of Corey’s things have been auctioned on Ebay and all of the proceeds go to the Homeless Animals Rescue Team of Long Island. Thanks to the fans that keep up with the website, Corey has a lovely headstone at his burial site. There was no tribute to Corey Haim at the Oscars the following year. I was not aware of this until recently because I stopped watching the Oscars ten years ago due to it being pretentious and fake. For some reason, every year they have a hard time fitting everyone into their montage. Maybe they could take away some of Billy Crystal’s singing and dancing to remember those that have passed? Corey passed on March 10, 2010 due to pneumonia and thickening of the heart muscle. Corey Feldman commented that Corey Haim died broke and alone. The truth is, no matter how alone Haim may have felt, he was never alone. I don’t know if he had millions of fans but he certainly had thousands and thousands of fans that wanted to see him succeed. If he only knew how much support he had behind him, despite his tragic personal struggles. It agitates me when a celebrity with drug habits dies and the public blasts them, especially on face book. I don’t care if they’re ‘just jokes.’ This is a human being you are joking about. This human being never did anything to hurt anybody except for himself. No matter how severe their personal struggles may be, that doesn’t take away the fact that this was a talented performer with a beautifully crooked smile and love for all of those around him. I prefer to remember everything positive about Corey Haim rather than dwell on the negative. Not only was Corey a gifted actor, he was also a promising hockey player and desired to become a professional before he got into acting. In addition to hockey, Corey enjoyed snowboarding, Frisbee, tennis, golf, baseball, and acrylic painting. To my surprise, he won first place in the LAPD Golf Tournament in 2000.

Corey was raised in a Jewish household and his mother Judy was born in Israel. He got his start into acting at age ten for the Canada based comedy television show “The Edison Twins.” I have honestly never seen a single episode. What I remember Haim for the most were the feature films Silver Bullet, The Lost Boys, and Lucas. I will never be able to forget all the films throughout the “Two Coreys”  era; License to Drive, Last Resort, and Dream a Little Dream. Sure, some of the films can be filed under ‘corny and pretentious’ but one thing is for sure, The Lost Boys and License To Drive fucking rules! I realize my taste may be a little different. I actually rented the sequel to Rock N Roll High School several times because I was in love with Corey Feldman. That’s right, I always favored Feldman more but I still had mad, mad love for Haim and wished he was in that terrible but fantastic sequel. He could never branch out and get away from the “child star” or “Two Corey’s” status. It’s a shame too because he had so much talent and potential. His talent didn’t go unnoticed and he won two Young Artist Awards. Roger Ebert also became a fan and it’s hard to win him over, “”He creates one of the most three-dimensional, complicated, interesting characters of any age in any recent movie. If he can continue to act this well, he will never become a half-forgotten child star, but will continue to grow into an important actor. He is that good.”

It’s no surprise that Lucas and The Lost Boys receive the most praise. The Lost Boys especially has become a cult favorite. I have yet to meet a horror fan that doesn’t adore the film and even non horror fans consider the film to be one of their favorite vampire films. In the eighties, Corey made a documentary film that showed a day in his life and I still have this on VHS, “Me,y Myself, and I.” It shows a day in the life of Corey Haim. It mostly shows him playing sports and it was used to show how ‘in shape’ and ‘sober’ he was and that he was ready to go back to work after several stints in rehab. Some have called it the worst movie of all time. Corey continued to work on films like; Just One of the Girls, Prayer of the Rollerboys, National Lampoons Last Resort, Dream a Little Dream 2, and Snowboard Academy. He didn’t have much of a career in the early 2000s but made a comeback in 2006 when he was apparently ‘clean’ and working on “The Two Corey’s” with Corey Feldman on A&E. As much as I HATE reality television, I enjoyed watching show even though it was scripted. I watched it for my love of the Coreys. However, it was canceled midway through season two. He had a small comical part in the sequel for Crank, sporting a super rad mullet. The last film Corey appeared in was Decisions which was released last December.

Corey had been involved in several relationships with beautiful women that tried to help him like Alyssa Milano, Nicole Eggert, Victoria Beckham, Lala Sloatman, Cindy Guyer, and Tiffany Shepis. He never married but he was engaged to Tiffany for a year. Tiffany moved Corey out to Arizona in attempts to keep him away from bad influences but she lost the battle. Even though none of these girls could save Corey from his demons, I’m sure they managed to keep him from feeling alone or causing himself even more harm. There’s only so much you can do. Celebrity or not, HUMAN BEINGS who have addiction problems need support from friends and family. It doesn’t make their deaths less tragic. Enough of the, “Why is everyone so shocked?” and “Who cares? Dying soldiers should get more attention because their deaths mean more.” Let the man rest in peace and lets remember him for all the good he did.

  • Thank you for writing about our efforts. This is a lovely hearfelt article we will pass on to our industry reps. You can contact any of us through the tumblr page, or Corey Haim’s Webmistress Jen through us Thank you.

  • JamesD

    My boys Nerd Table have a tribute song to Corey Haim on their new cd..I am trying to get them to use the song for this project. Huge Corey Haim fan, though the sad part is we are left with that awful tv show The Two Coreys that was so god awful.