Candlemass Part Ways With Vocalist Robert Lowe, Replacement Announced

CandlemassSwedish doom metal band Candlemass have parted ways with vocalist Robert Lowe. The band released the following statement on the changes: “We are sorry to inform you that Robert Lowe is no longer the singer for Candlemass. It has been a very difficult decision for the band and has mainly to do with the quality of the live performances.”

“For the upcoming shows Robert will be replaced with Mats Levén, longtime friend of the band. We are convinced this will work out just great. The band is currently rehearsing new and old songs with Mats and we know that nobody attending the gigs at Debaser Slussen, Metaltown, BorÃ¥s or Southern Discomfort will be disappointed. Bring your earplugs… it will be hard, massive and loud! Keyboard player Per Wiberg is also joining Candlemass onstage for the live shows. Psalms for the dead… nothing else remains!”

Now, this was just a stupid move in my opinion. I know that I will catch slack for this, but Robert Lowe is the best vocalist that they have ever had. I have seen them live with Lowe and he kicked ass. He is one of the best doom metal vocalists to ever lend his talents to any doom metal band.

I guess the worst part about this is that Candlemass did this so unprofessionally. To say that the reason for the decision was due to the quality of the live performance is a slap in the face to everything that Lowe has done with them. If his live performance was so bad, why did they release a live album with him?