All you need to know about: The Collective Vol 4 from Jabb Pictures

The Collective is back, and it’s better than ever.

The one of a kind short film collection featuring 10 – 10 minute short films

all based on the same theme has risen to a whole new level.

The lineup of filmmakers this time around is a who’s who

of up and coming horror directors in the indie scene.

The theme featured in The Collective V.4 is Emotions.

Each filmmaker was given a different emotion

to base their 10 minute short film around.

10 short films, each delving into a different piece of the human psyche.

Ranging from intimate to insane, the films featured on The Collective V.4

provide something Hollywood hasn’t had in a long time, heart.

The filmmakers featured on The Collective V.4 stand as proof

that it doesn’t take a huge budget to make a great film,

it only requires a huge imagination.

Welcome to The Collective V.4…

The Collective V.4 will make its debut at

Days of the Dead Indianapolis, IN July 6th 2012.

The Collective will have a vendor table set up at the show

and some of the filmmakers involved will be in attendance

to meet fans and discuss their films.

The World Premiere screening will be July 7th at 9:30 pm.

There will be a Q&A with the filmmakers involved following the screening.

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for more info

The Collective and Days of the Dead are working together to shine a light on

the best up and coming independent horror filmmakers in the scene.

Often overlooked by other conventions,

independent and no budget filmmakers are creating the most

interesting and unique films today.

Days of the Dead recognizes this talent and has gone out of its way to prove it.

By providing screenings and discount vendor tables for artists and filmmakers,

they have introduced fans to a whole new crop of talented people.

We are proud of this relationship and hope to continue working with Days of

the Dead in the future.


Beginning July 9th 2012 The Collective V.4 will be available

through the websites of the filmmakers involved as well as

many online retailers.

Contact Jason Hoover at for a full list of online retailers.


Reviewer quotes

“The Collective is what independent genre filmmaking should be. It’s original,

fresh, sometimes scary and always keeps your attention.”

Jude Felton

The Lair of Filth

“Fans of indie horror or those who simply want to do what you can to support

indie filmmakers will definitely want to get ahold of this stellar example of

ultra-indie filmmaking.”

Richard Propes

The Independent Critic

“These 10 films have something that very few studio films possess…….heart.”

Scott Ruth

D’Ment’D Cinema

“This is filmmaking the way it was always meant to be.

For the love of the art.”

Scott Ruth

D’Ment’D Cinema

“The Collective is an excellent release that

I wholeheartedly recommend to fans of quality independent cinema.”

Jude Felton

The Lair of Filth

“The Collective is an all-around terrific shorts collection

and the various shorts featured contain elements that are

humorous, disturbing, surreal, and creepy.”

Mario Dominick

Horror Society

“If you can’t find something to love about this set of short films

then you might as well quit watching movies.”

Jason Schneeberger

Beyond the Realms


The Filmmakers featured in The Collective V.4 are

Red Panic Button Films


Luke 1:71

A Story of Hate




A troubled young man filled with hate, Luke (Ben Peck), finds himself trapped in a reckless life

that is spiraling out of control. His younger brother, Frank (David Ponton), accompanies him in

his search for destruction and salvation.

Filmmaker Bio

At age 12 he was running second camera in Cameron Scott’s

“Post Mortem America, 2021”.

At 13 he was directing and filming His version of the meat eater,

“Corn-fed”, in Jabb Pictures short collection The Collective Vol.1

And then again at 14, with his entry “Illusion” in The Collective Vol. 2

(written, directed and filmed at age 13). Now 14 going on 15,

Dakota is now again contributing his talent with his entry to The Collective Vol. 4


Director/Writer – “Corn-Fed”, “Illusion”.

Actor – “5 Minutes” from The Collective Vol. 2, “Pact” from The Collective Vol. 3

2nd Camera – “Post Mortem America 2021″

Previous Releases

●”Corn-Fed” from The Collective Vol. 1

●”Illusion” from The Collective Vol. 2

Over Analyzed Productions


Happy Hooker Bang Bang




It takes place in crime filled town where a girl named Sara loses her job at a book store and is

forced to begin working with her roommate (a hooker) to make money. But when she gets caught

up with the wrong clients it is up to her hooker friends to take back the street and make it safe for

hookers everywhere.


Sidney Shripka

Kristine Renee Farley

Grant Niezgodski

Mark Taylor

Derek Mullins

Jakob Bilinski

Filmmaker Bio

A photographer since the age of 14, David Paul Bonnell got his start in filmmaking when he

interned for Director Brett Leonard (The Lawnmower Man) on his 2008 documentary “A Hole in

the Head: A Life Revealed.” Then in 2009 after returning from a tour of duty in Iraq David

formed Over Analyzed Productions and began making short films. In 2010 David finished his

first feature film “Meltdown” following a local metal music festival. Then later that year David

met Jason Hoover of Jabb Pictures at a local horror convention and was offered a spot on the

inaugural Collective series entitled “The MEATEATER “. Since then David has worked all over

the Midwest with some of the areas top filmmakers.


Over Analyzed Productions Films

Directed By David Paul Bonnell

2010 Meltdown

2011 Revenge Radio

2012 Happy Hooker Bang Bang


2010 Meltdown

2010 Disorient

2010 Spark of Redemption

2011 Revenge Radio

2011 Fertility 2.0

2012 Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

2012 Happy Hooker Bang Bang

2012 Ex-Kid

2012 Book Of Dallas

2012 My Horror Project


2012 Happy Hooker Bang Bang

2011 Revenge Radio

2010 Disorient

Sound Department

2011 Love Dance


2012 Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

Buck The Skanky Diva Bouncer

Camera and Electrical Department

2012 Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh (gaffer, still photographer)


2010 Meltdown

2011 Revenge Radio

2012 Happy Hooker Bang Bang

2012 Ex-Kid

Miscellaneous Crew

2011 When Aliens Attack (TV movie) (production assistant)

2009 Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed (documentary) (production assistant)

2012 VH1 Super Bowl Fan Jam

2012 CMT Crossroads

Liberty or Death Productions


“Death Do Us Part”




Melissa – Jade Coley

Bride – Sarah Hoback

Groom – Stephen Harms

Homicidal Husband – Al Aker

Unhappy Wife – Laura Kincaid


Produced, Written, Edited and Directed by James Mannan

Lighting Design, Sound Recording, Musical Score by Phillip Henry Christopher

Assistant Director – Eric T. Schroeder

Cinematography – Scott Allen, Robbin Panet, James Mannan

Properties – Angel Adorey

Costumes – Karen Webster

Filmmaker Bio

Directing Credits include “To Haunt You” (feature) and shorts “Wannabe”, “The Burial” (in

post-production), and “Zracne Vile” (with Robbin Panet), all for LOD Productions.

Notable acting credits for film include “Creeporia” for Asylum House Productions and “Requiem

for the Relentless Fathers” for Eaker Productions. Jade Coley and Stephen Harms make their

film debuts in “Death Do Us Part.” Phillip Henry Christopher’s credits include the recently

released “Bite Marks” in which he appeared as “McDougall” and for which he also served as

stunt coordinator and provided music. Sarah Hoback’s credits include “He Who Watches”

which appeared on The Collective V3.

JABB pictures






Frankie – Justin Forbes

Wife – Justine Dalcanton

Drunk – Mitchell Thomas

Friend – Jason Hoover


Written, Directed, Filmed and Edited


Jason Hoover

Makeup Effects – Jason Hoover

Filmmaker Bio

The Great and Wonderful Oz of The Collective. Jason set out to create a collection that would be

both a way to showcase the new up and coming talent in the indie filmmaking scene as well as

provide fans of independent cinema an interesting concept at an unbeatable deal.

The Collective has since risen to a level that even Hoover himself had never imagined.

Releasing films under the JABB pictures, Death Hug Films and Spiral Filmworks names,

Hoover has produced 15 short films in the past 2 years.

Jason is currently in pre-production on his first feature length film. He continues to travel the

country attending horror conventions and film festivals spreading all things JABB and The

Collective. His long term goal is complete world domination.


Writer, Director, Camera, Editor

Spike (2009)

In Heaven (2009)

Dolls (2009)

“POLLY” (2010)

Devotion (2010)

The Meat Eater (2010)

A Mark of Wholesomeness (2010)

5 Minutes (2011)

Boundary (2011)

Pulse (2011)


Snapped (2012)

Palindromist (2012)


Snapped (2012)

Palindromist (2012)

It Crawls Back In (2012)


Post Mortem America (2010)

Snapped (2012)

Palindromist (2012)


Spike (2009)

In Heaven (2009)

Dolls (2009)

“POLLY” (2010)

Devotion (2010)

The Meat Eater (2010)

A Mark of Wholesomeness (2010)

5 Minutes (2011)

Boundary (2011)

Pulse (2011)

JOG (2012)

It Crawls Back In (2012)


Dolls (2009)

Post Mortem America (2010)

Illusion (2011)

3 o’clock Productions






When Ruby Thompson conducts an experiment that results in the DNA alteration of her subject,

an unexpected threat is posed and the lives of those closest to her are changed forever.


An experiment forever alters the lives of a scientists family.


Phyllis Munro, Mark A. Nash, Rhonda Tinch-Mize,

John Carver, Joann White, Cheryl Taylor Holt

Directed By

Jim Dougherty

Written By

Jim Dougherty and Jay Hinkelman

Screenplay By

Jim Dougherty

Produced By

Jim Dougherty and Mark A Nash

Executive Producer

Phyllis Munro

Production Company

3 O’clock Productions

Contrition is a short film made for The Collective Vol. 4.

The film is directed by Jim Dougherty and features students from the GJC Talent Performing


Studio adult acting class.

Filmmaker Bio

Jim Dougherty studied theatre and film at Indiana University, both as an actor and technician.

He spent the next several years in Chicago developing skills as a fight choreographer and

stuntman. He worked with the Chicago Stunt Team, and traveled the Midwest performing live

stunt shows. Jim’s first film opportunities came in the early 90s with work on Heaven is a Play,

and later as a precision stunt driver for Nora Ephron’s film, Michael.

Jim relocated back to Indiana and continued working as an actor for both stage and screen as well

as a set and lighting designer and film stunt coordinator. He has also worked as a gaffer, director

of photography, digital compositor, and editor in independent film.

Jim is the managing partner of 3 O’clock Productions, which has co-produced the independent

films Leach, Beverly Lane, Waffles for Virginia, The Fresh Air Will Do You Good, Dry Gulch,

and Inside the House: The Open House Journey From Concept to Stage.

Contrition marks Jim’s sixth short film as a director.


2012 – Motel 666 (post-production)


2012 – Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh (post-production)

Sheriff Rex Drisko

2012 – Lightning in a Bottle (completed)


2012 – The Sound of the Spirit

Posner, Eric

2012 – Bad Blood: The Hatfields and McCoys


2012 – Reality on Demand (TV series)


– Episode #1.4 … Robby

– Episode #1.6 … Robby

– It’s an Ambush! … Robby

2012 – Reality on Demand (video short)


2011 – Fenced Off


2011 – The Representative

Courtroom Assistant

2011 – Scalene


2011 – When Aliens Attack (TV movie)

Specialist Bonnell

2011 – Leach (video)


2011 – To Haunt You

Raincoat Man

2010 – Bloomington

Professor Newberry

2010 – Minor League: A Football Story


2009 – Fire from Below

Jim Slater

2009 – Spooky Tales

Bank Robber

2009 – Slow River (short)


2008 – Blood Moon

Senator Rigsby

2008 – Brainwrap (video)


2007 – Postpartum

Jim Benton

2007 – Chances (short)

Sportscaster 1

2007 – The Key (short)

Police detective 1

2006 – Star Trek Versus Batman (video)

The Guardian (voice)

2004 – Somewhere in Indiana


2003 – Maintenance by Any Means

Drunk Guy

1991 – Heaven Is a Playground

Loading Dock Worker

Spiral Filmworks Filmworks


101 Taylor St.




Written, Directed, Filmed and Edited


Jason Hoover


Dennis Lamka


Jason Hoover

Filmmaker Bio

Formed in 2010 by JABB pictures head Jason Hoover, Spiral Filmworks is a

clearinghouse for up and coming artists that work in film. Providing a venue for

cinema not often spotlighted in the independent community, Spiral Filmworks

goal is to distribute and promote the odd and interesting films not normally

supported by major distribution companies.


Pulse (2011)

Palindromist (2012)

Freakwolf Productions

facebook/Freakwolf Productions







Kitsie Duncan as Kelly Fisher

Steve Christopher as Michael Dover

Eric Shellito as John Fisher


Director Of Photography

Brandon Lamprecht


Darrin Ford

Tony Wash

Brandon Lamprecht


Darrin Ford

Brandon Lamprecht


Darrin Ford

Tony Wash

Visual Effects

Heather Ford

Sound Design

Ken Hackney

Darrin Ford

Music Written and Performed by

Brandon Lamprecht

Written and Directed

by Bryan Wolford

Filmmaker Bio

Bryan Wolford has been a horror fan and has been wanting to be a filmmaker since he was very

young. To celebrate both of his loves he helped start the Drunken Zombie Podcast where he and

his fellow hosts talked about any horror film they could get their hands on. This translated into

them starting their own indie horror film festival where they aimed to introduce the horror

audience to new and fun indie films they might have never seen on their own. This motivated

him to finally become the filmmaker he always wanted to be and he created his first short film



Shadows 2010

Whisper 2011

Bait 2012

Cinephreak Pictures


Bloody Hooker Bang Bang: A Love Story




Hold On To Your G-Spot


Two blood-soaked ladies of the night must navigate their way to safety while being pursued by a

murderous family of psychopathic inbreds with a score to settle. With the help of a slick bionic

pimp named Silky, they will prove that love can overcome shame, and there are few things

fiercer than a whore scorned.


Sidney Shripka as Envy

Kristine Renee Farley as Desire

Kevin Roach as Silky

Mark Taylor as Brutus

Grant Niezgodski as Derrick

Joe Atkinson as Spanky

Aric Dylan Stanish as Jumbo

Jared Brosmer as The Rat

Rusty James as The Cleaner

Cindy Maples as Clarabelle Crowe / Mamma


Writer/Director – Jakob Bilinski

Producers – Joe Atkinson, Jakob Bilinski, and David Paul Bonnell

Directors of Photography – Jakob Bilinski and David Paul Bonnell

Editor – Jakob Bilinski

Original Score – Christopher John De Mory

Lighting – David Paul Bonnell

Key Makeup FX – Sidney Shripka

Production Designer – Larissa Ross

Makeup FX Artists – Kristine Renee Farley and Kourtnea Hogan

Sound – Marx Pyle

Boom Operators – Everyone

Fight Choreography – Marx Pyle, Aric Dylan Stanish, Sidney Shripka

Behind the scenes – Joe Atkinson, Marx Pyle

With Assitance from P.J. Starks

Featuring songs by David Barajas

Filmmaker Bio

An Evansville, IN native and Indiana University graduate, Jakob Bilinski is a hopeless

film-addict who’s had an obsessive, fervent passion for all things cinema since he can remember.

Over the years, Jakob has independently written, directed, shot, edited, and produced upwards of

20 short films and music videos (including videos for Indiana favorites STATE and Blood

Tribe). His two most critically acclaimed shorts Foxxy Madonna vs The Black Death (a 2006

National Film Challenge Finalist), and Obsolescence, enjoyed international film festival runs,

garnering multiple awards and a cult following. His feature debut, Shade of Grey, won “Best

Feature Film – Suspense” at the 2009 New York International Independent Film Festival, in Los

Angeles, and was released everywhere DVDs are sold online in 2010. He is currently in post

production on his latest feature, Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh, is currently serving as a

director/producer on The Book of Dallas from Joe Atkinson’s Court Street Productions, is in

development on My Horror Project from director P.J. Starks, and is in development on several

other projects throughout 2012-2013. He very much likes his wife and three cats, and is a little


Selected Filmology

Mime (2005) – Director, Writer, Editor, Producer

Foxxy Madonna vs The Black Death (2006/2007) – Director, Co-Writer, Editor, Producer

STATE’s “Summerdale” Music Video (2008) – Director, Editor, Producer

Shade of Grey (2009) – Director, Writer, Editor, Producer

Blood Tribe’s”In Fair Verona” Music Video (2009) – Director, Editor, Producer

STATE’s “Hotel Canvas” Music Video (2010) – Director, Editor, Producer

Obsolescence (2011) – Director, Co-Writer, Editor, Producer

Perceiving Reality: The Making Of Scalene (2011) – Director, Editor, Producer

Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh (2012) – Director, Writer, Editor, Producer

The Book of Dallas (2012) – Co-Director, Producer

Winged Dolphin Pictures Ross


Flash of Wire



Tag line

It is best never to anger a goddess


From the director of FERTILITY 2.0. comes FLASH OF WIRE. David Ross investigates the

curious German emotional term Schadenfreude: Obtaining joy from the suffering of others. The

film asks the question: When it comes to revenge– is once ever enough?

Apparently David can’t go on vacation in a foreign country without filming a movie. “Think of

the production values,” he said. “It will look just like a foreign film! It’s irresistible” While

spending three weeks on the island of Naxos in Greece, and grieving that he was not making a

film for THE COLLECTIVE IV, he researched island myths, and organized a small group of

villagers for a 2 day shoot. “No one understood a word I was saying– which strangely, felt very

familiar to my experiences working in the US.” Returning to the US he scheduled a one-day

shoot to finish the movie. “I am pretty sure that the distance of this location change will be a

record for me that may go unbeaten.” However David hopes to return to Naxos to film a feature

there someday.


U.S. Cast

Ted– Tom Sparx

Dr. Thanatopolis– Dennis Forkel

Greece Cast

Theseus– Christos Boulaxis

Ariadne– Margarita Ross

Thanatos– Andonis Legakis

Dionysus– Yannis Kapatanakis

Cafe Neo drinker #1– Valadis Boulaxis

Cafe Neo drinker #2– Paris Kountatzis


Written, Produced, and Directed by

David Ross

U.S. Crew

Vickie Fulkerson– Set photography, lighting, slate

Phillip Henry Christopher– sound,lighting

Steve Stephens/Don Trent– special effects

Greece Crew

Christos Boulaxis– location and story design

Margarita Ross– story design


David Ross


Jim Dougherty

Music Score

Virgil Franklin

Special thanks to James Mannan, Liberty Or Death Productions, and Patrick Greathouse for

production support.

Dream footage filmed on location in Naxos, Greece.

Filmmaker Bio

David Ross, 64, has dedicated his retirement years to pursuing a career in the cinema arts. He has

worked as an actor, writer, director, cinematographer, and co-producer of Hoosier independent

films. His first short film FLASH OF WIRE recently received an honorable mention from the Iris

Film Festival at Indiana University.

Dustin Mills Productions Mills






We trust the people who prepare our food, we trust the people who deliver our news, and we trust

the people who are paid to protect us. What happens when that trust is violated? Brandon Salkil

is about to find out. Who can he turn to when he’s infected by a deadly virus spreading across the

midwest. They say they have a cure, but can they be trusted?


Starring Brandon Salkil

(Star of Zombie A-hole and Night of the Tentacles)


Crew? What’s a crew?

I did everything and Sherriah Salkil helped me with makeup

Filmmaker Bio

Dustin Mills is a self-taught DIY filmmaker from Portland, Indiana. He writes, directs, shoots,

edits, creates special effects, and sometimes even acts in his films. He specializes in bizarre

no-budget horror films. His first film was the award-winning The Puppet Monster Massacre: an

all puppet homage to the glorious horror films of yesteryear. It was filmed on a shoestring budget

in his living room with the help of his friend and collaborator Brandon Salkil. It was picked up

for worldwide distribution, has screened at festivals, is available through various VOD providers,

and even had a small theatrical release in Belgium. In 2011 he established Dustin Mills

Productions in Maumee, OH. A tiny production company focused on creating low budget

independent Horror, Sci-Fi, and experimental films. In 2012 they will release Zombie A-Hole,

Night of the Tentacles, and several other genre films.


Puppet Monster Massacre (2011)

Zombie A-Hole (2012)

Night of the Tentacles (2012)

Kill That Bitch (2013)


Happy Hooker Bang Bang

Over Analyzed Productions

Red Panic Button Films

Luke 1:71

Freak Wolf Productions


Liberty Or Death Productions

Death Do Us Part

JABB pictures


3 o’clock Productions


Dustin Mills Productions


Cinephreak Pictures

Bloody Hooker Bang Bang


If you would like to request a reviewer copy of The Collective

or if you are interested in arranging a screening

please contact

Jason Hoover

JABB pictures


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