Movie Review-The Collapsed

Coming to home video June 5th

I will tell you what I am so mentally drained. This film sucked me in and had me thinking from beginning to end. This story is about a family of four who are dealing with the end of the world. The film starts off they find a car, and take off going towards a destination they call Dovers bend. That they think may or may not have survivors. Well along the way, they notice the car is running low on petrol. So they see a abandoned grocery store/gas station. Once there, they see people coming who may be infected and get scared and head off towards the woods. Once in the woods is when the problems begin, they hear noises and see images

There is this flashback scene in the film when the father is dreaming or a nightmare it was never told, but he thinks about a family dinner that they shared. And it turns into something really fucked up. That scene alone is worth the rental. I want to know how the actress who played the daughter pulled that off. Talk about odd and really amazing. The Collapsed as a whole, I liked the film for the most part, but I just felt the first 30 minutes really built a story and a suspense you had to know they could not keep up thru the whole film. There is a dinner scene with the father and son that lasted far too long and really killed the momentum of the film. This is one of those films that the camera work is the star and the camera work in this film is really surprising considering this is a less known indie film. There is a scene in the forest with the son, and the camera work created such paranoia that you are on the edge your seat to see what is going to happen next and where is the threat coming from. I thought that scene was really well done. Scenes like this created such a uncomforting Twilight Zone feeling that you start thinking is this mental, or physical? I loved the thought prevoking this film asked of us, and the heavy thinking about what is really going on scenes like that. This film does not give you anything. It lures you in with its mystery that you almost do not want a twist or reveal. This film is another one of those less is more, and with the way the film plays out, they shine a lot on that aspect. Like Cookers, and The Darkness Within, what you do not see works more than what you do see. My problem with this film is that it really worked great for 30 minutes and then lost its focus and suffered after that. Not too bad, but bad enough that you notice. It had pieces that shined, and were decent. But, the dialogue in the last hour was so flat and seemed to go nowhere. Like they were talking in run on sentences, like the guy who comes to your workplace and just goes on and on and you smile and just wish they would breathe. I mean we have had Book of Eli, The Road and a thousand more that escape me right now. How many more films do we need about the end of the civilization and the hiding from people? The sad thing is this flick had so much promise. This might of worked better as a short. I just wished the other hour, could match the first half hour. But, for the table scene alone it is worth a rental. But, this film had my attention for the whole film, even with the boring scene between father and son, and on the same note, I won’t even talk about the last ten minutes. I over thought this film so bad and how the final moments would play out. I was like; ok this is what will happen no this will happen. I will give credit, the only ending for this film I did not think about happening, was the one they gave. Which for this film was the worst ending they could have thought about doing, it was weak and the one I thought this film would be too smart to give us? But, for the first thirty minutes you guys will be entertained and during the last hour of the film is flashes of brilliance and a ending that asks more questions than answers.. Who knows there may be a big fan base for this and I am an idiot for not jumping on that bandwagon. I think Justin has a future, and this is not that bad a start.

I thought the film was well worth a rental, it may be worth a buy if you are a fan of this subgenre of films that tell us their versions of the end of the world, and how we would handle these dark days. All in all, I am glad I did get to watch it, it entertained me in a C level. So I will give it a C grade.

7 out of 10