Music Review-Sophia Knapp-Into the Waves

Before you read this review, be warned I do reference quite a few artists and cds in it. If you do not own any of them or this, you may want to seek them out.

Drag City Records-Label

Sounds like 70’s-80’s pop circa Stevie Nicks in Fleetwood Mac, Karen Carpenter or Olivia Newton John. At times sounding like Natalie Merchant or Delores from the Cranberries. This is music you listen to and swear you heard it before and just get into the dreamy pop soundscape and sonic realm, it takes you to.

Review-I am a fan of bands like Portishead and Sam Phillips in her short lived Omnipop era, so cds like this are such a breath of fresh air. The debut cd by Sophia Knapp is quite possibly the most important cd of this year to me. It is such a love letter from yesteryear, epically with Sophia just caressing the songs as if she is making love with your attention span. This is the cd Sinead O Connor has been trying to make for 17 years. Evermore almost sounds like it came out of the 40’s with its simple yet effective style. With slow strumming and sound effects being the backdrop as her vocals take the forefront and capture a innocence that is so missing in music these days. Spiderweb sounds like it came out of Xandau session if Karen Carpenter joined in with Bob Callahan joining in. This cd is a showcase as to what Sophia offers, and she has the vocal style that really is missing out of music these days, which is honesty.

For you fans of Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell’s last two cds, this cd could be up your alley. She seems to borrow a little from Isobel especially from her Belle and Sebastian stuff in tracks like In Paper, and Weeping Willow. Glasses High seems to sound like it would fit in with the No Need to Argue sessions by the Cranberries. How is this song not on pop radio right now?

Sophia’s solo debut makes no qualms about her being a throwback. She seems to have set out to make a modern sounding vocal pop album, and it comes across as mellow and shockingly polished. Like if the 70’s were in an indie sphere of 2012. This is that cd you play in the background on a date with a female you are trying to impress. This is a cd you can listen to in front of your parents, grandparents and kids and not feel ashamed or worry about what she will sing about. This is what Portishead’s Third cd should have been. I am in love with music again. This is a must buy. I want more from Sophia Knapp. I will even do one better so people who know me know how serious I am, this is the best cd by a female artist since Fiona Apple’s Extrodinary Machine. That speaks volumes.

10 out of 10