Music Review-Soil-Re-Live-Ing the Scars (CD+DVD)

Track Listing

1. Breaking Me Down
2. Need To Feel
3. My Own
4. Redefine
5. Cross My Heart
6. Inside
7. The One
8. Wide Open
9. Black7
10. Unreal
12. Halo
13. Pride

Record Label-Bieler Brothers Records


Ryan McCombs – Vocals
Adam Zadel – Guitar
Tim King – Bass
Jon Wysocki – Drums

11-14-11 Soil played a sell out performance at the Electric Ballroom in London, England. This cd/dvd captures that night in Soil history. Also, included you get a behind the scenes look at the band.

Review-It seems there is heavy emphasis these days on reunions. In 2004, Soil released Redefine. Which was just as good as Scars, their breakout cd. Then, next thing you know, Ryan quits the band. And within weeks rumors has him as the new voice of Drowning Pool. I can see the appeal of having Ryan fronting Drowning Pool. On paper, he seemed like the perfect match. With Ryan they did 2 studio cds. Full Circle, and the self titled Drowning Pool. With, Drowning Pool Ryan just never seemed to really fit in. He seemed more like a replacement than a actual member. With the Drowning Pool music, gone was Ryan’s personality, and that hunger that drove Soil to really make some very heavy music. In it’s place was just being in someone else’s shoes, with a band that the fans really did not want to see continue without Dave. While the records sold modest, the fans wanted to see Soil return. They wanted Breaking me Down and Halo, hard as hell guitar riffs, and Ryan just really making the songs jump off the stereo, ipod or car radio,right in your face. I will be the first to say, when I first heard the news about Soil returning, I was very curious as to where they can fit in, with a music scene that revolves around rap, youth, bubble gum pop and 5th grade punk that wants to be a call to arms. I am floored to say, fuck the Van Halen reunion, and that half assed cd. Soil gave us the surprise cd of 2012. This is unlike any live cd I have heard to date, in the fact that they left the mistakes on here, and did not want to rip the fans off by taking it in the studio and trying to rob the fans of the live experience. Before the song My Own, Ryan’s passion takes over, and he called his band Drowning and then stops, and laughs with the crowd and even the band members. This is like a greatest hits cd that gives you a feel of how Soil are live. And, the dvd is great picture and sound. You feel like you are a part of history. My only gripe is easy, I wanted more music. Now, do not think they do not offer enough, but as a Soil fan, I would have loved to hear them do at least 3 to 4 more songs. That live dvd and watching the fans really get into this, was very cool to see, and added to the cd and the experience. God, does Ryan sure say fuck a lot. And all the members of Soil seem to really be going for the goal line each song. You can tell by their passion, this show and dvd meant a lot to them. They literally jump off the screen. I would love to see a new Soil cd in 2012, or 2013. With the Bieler Brothers records really putting out some strong cds, at least I know the cd would be in good hands, and they will know what to do with it.

This is the part, I am supposed to tell you the negatives. You know what, Soil in a live setting sound way better and more energetic than they do on studio cds. Ryan comes alive with a crowd and his band behind him. From the crunch of Adam Zadel’s guitar to Jon pouding the drums, I think this may be the best live cd in a very long time. All in all, if you are a Soil fan, this is a must buy. Now, if you are new to Soil, this may be a good education lesson. You get a dvd and cd that is over a hour long, and be a part of Soil history. Also included is some behind the scenes stuff, that may or may not prove this band may be mental. Soil have made 2012’s comeback cd. Heavy Metal and Hard Rock a-live in 2012!

8.5 out of 10

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    Not sure if I have seen the interview–can u tell me where it is!? With a music scene that is full of crap, glad we have some SOiL (especially with Ryan)and other hard rock/metal!!! And I am looking forward to seeing the behind the scene antics! 🙂

  • It is cool Stacie thanks..and the interview I did with him is up now. Hope you dig, this one is for you Soil diehards…

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    That is what makes SOiL my favorite band- Ryan’s vocals/passion!! Has the best lyrics around, plus Adam and Tim, and now Jon W. as well! All of their songs have been on steady rotation on my shuffles for a long time! Can’t wait for the cd/dvd–preordered it! Can’t wait for new stuff plus an extended TOUR! 🙂 Great interview!