Music Review-Die Pretty-Beyond Fate

Die Pretty is-
Sarah-Lead Vocals/Bass
Salvatore- Guitar/Vocals
Tommy- Guitar
Jonathan Spanos-Drums

Sounds like-A heavy No Doubt meets Republica. Heavy alternative sound with a female pop punk radio friendly voice. This could be the sister to No Doubt’s Return of Saturn.

Review-When I looked at the cover to this cd, I thought the music would sound like Kidney Thieves or Snake River Conspiracy. Boy was I shocked. And, you know what after a few minutes Sarah starts to grow on you. The strongest part of this cd is the first 7 songs. They showcase what this band seems to be trying to show you the listener what they do best. Which is pop punk fun vocals that can make the women beg their men to buy this cd and concert tickets for them. And the guy would also be getting into it, even though he will fight it. Medication the lead off track is so misleading, you are almost expecting some hard edged thought provoking Courtney Love inspired band because this song really does not fit in with the theme of the cd. After that sort of anti-pop intro song you get the No Doubt pop radio with a punky edge feel Voices with its get up and have fun vibe. This is one of those songs that you know in a live setting would translate well. Songs like My Own Mind sound like a very top 40 ish Missing Persons. Esp. with the catchy background vocals. Songs like Grin and Bear it, just seem to jump out of the speakers and tries to grab you and pull you into them. With the guitar and feel, you know they just wanted to show people they could rock. The guitars and vocals are so catchy; it is like a heavy Flyleaf. And the chorus and catchiness of the lyrics, this is the song that could elevate them if Modern Rock Radio would embrace it.
The negative to this cd is that at 20 tracks, the cd starts to lose its steam towards the end. Like they lost focus and could not come up with any more ideas, and just tried to re-do the first half of the cd with different lyrics. But, this is safe bubble gum pop music that could help get them some attention from soundtracks and the CW. Their music contains varied tempos and catchy lyrical hooks that are so listener friendly. Vocalist and bassist Sarah Orloff has a powerful and unique voice that I feel really needs a few more cds under her belt to see where the direction of this band will go. I think this is what Aimee Echo tried to do with The Start when they signed to Nitro for their sophomore cd. All in all, at 20 tracks it does seem to drag and lose its fun and flavor towards the middle and end. But, I really do think this cd for what it offers is really a good buy. Especially with all you No Doubt fans waiting for them to release that comeback cd, this may be a good substitute. I will say this if magazines got a look at Sarah; she may be your next “it” female rocker. I see star in her, get her on a major tour and that would be money. The real test would be what they do next. All in all, I will probably listen to certain songs over and over, and would love to see if they have the live chops to capitalize on this vibe their cd seems to have.

7.5 out of 10