Music Review-Cathedral-The Garden of Unearthly Delights (re-release digi pack)

Track listing
1. “Dearth AD 2005” – 1:00
2. “Tree of Life & Death” – 4:36
3. “North Berwick Witch Trials” – 5:58
4. “Upon Azrael’s Wings” – 5:38
5. “Corpsecycle” – 5:54
6. “Fields of Zagara” – 1:59
7. “Oro the Manslayer” – 7:29
8. “Beneath a Funeral Sun” – 5:20
9. “The Garden” – 26:57
10. “Proga-Europa” – 5:58
o “Proga-Europa” begins with 5:01 of silence. The last 0:57 make up the hidden track.

Band Members
• Lee Dorian – Vocals
• Garry Jennings – Guitar
• Brian Dixon – Drums
• Leo Smee – Bass

History-Lee at one time was the the singer and lyricist with Napalm Death and recorded one and a half albums with them, Scum and From Enslavement to Obliteration. He left the band after the Mentally Murdered EP was released which he also appeared on. Cathedral formed in 1990, which took Lee’s stoner rock and doom vibe, he brought to Napalm and made it a cleaner vocal style. In 2012, they announced that Cathedral has split up. The following cd was released in 2005, and is now digitally remastered in a digi pack.

Review-Cathedral is one of those criminally underrated metal bands that came out in a time when grunge took over the music industry. With a sound that could fit into classic metal acts like Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath and Steppenwolf. While still creating a fresh and clean sound that should have taken off with metal fans. I always thought the Napalm Death reference hurt Lee and the boys. While Napalm has their fan base, the truth is the majority of that faithful were into the later sounding music not the earlier. Another thing that hurt them is having Columbia Records sign them for The Ethereal Mirror. Greg at the label, had no idea how to market this cd, and lumped them in some grunge stoner rock hybrid and threw some money for videos that never caught on, and a tour with Fight that did them no favors either. Some nights, like the one I witnessed, you would watch them get booed off the stage. While a lot of fans credit their next cd with being ” the” Cathedral cd, Carnival Bizarre took the slow dirge and stoner riffs that people were thinking Lee would stick with, and threw them out the window and put out a cd that made Cathedral have a place in metal. It created a heaviness that became known as the Cathedral crunch, just monster riffs over insane drum and bass. With Dorian just coming across as a real singer,and not a screamer to get the point across.

So, he we are with the re-release of 2005’s The Garden of Unearthly Delights. The truth be known, the last 7 years before this cd were bad for Cathedral. They put out some mediocre music and each cd seemed to go more and more ignored. I think Lee and crew know this and gave us a cd that really redefines what Cathedral can deliver. The Tree of Life and Death is the best song they ever wrote and sound wise, this is their best song all around. When Dearth starts off this cd you think, oh great Cathedral is going to give us another stoner metal Iron Butterfly soundscape to lead into another Vampire Sun rip off. Garry Jennings gives some riffs on this cd that would make Iommi proud. Garry and Leo create such a soundscape for Lee to just shine. And vocally thru this whole cd, Lee shines and he even gives the Napalm Death faithful who stuck with him, a nod from that era with Beneath a Funeral Sun. This cd is Cathedral at their best. The Garden is almost like a nod to Led Zeppelin thru the eyes of Black Sabbath. It just is such an amazing song that just sums up what Cathedral offers. Esp since it clocks in almost at a half hour.
As a whole, this is the Cathedral cd. Where I felt cds like Mirror had Ride and Carnival had Vampire Sun, but not really that much more to talk about. This cd is just start to finish an amazing listen. I would love to see a crowd boo this band today. Cathedral’s Lee Dorian is one of the most underrated singers in metal. Non fans should really start with this cd, it may convert you.

8.5 out of 10