Music Review-Black Bananas-Rad Times Xpress IV

Label-Drag City Records

Press Release-

RTX are splitting into Black Bananas!!! The fruit is ripe and the bread will be FRESH.

After three albums under the name RTX, Jennifer Herrema and her bunch decided to flip the script, to kick open the doors of perception a little bit . See,RTX was not Royal Trux, not a metal band,not a 70’s bar band and not a toxic substance; RTX was something, all of those things and none of them and way more, including Black Bananas bubbling in a witchy cauldron of their own herbaceousbrew. The tit le of a song on their RaTX album detailed a bit of the recipe, taking elements often tossed aside or thrown all the way out and combining them into something new and worthwhile…a new strain of the almighty green – to feed and elevate the hungry ones.

“I’m your garbage collector

I’ll turn your trash to gold

What you cast off is what I hold,

End loafs of bread, black bananas and broken crackers

Scratched records, too dark pictures and torn jeans

All the shit that rips at the seams”

Black Bananas is set for the next all-inclusive rock and roll crusade, the one that includes even and especially all the shit you don’t like, woven into all the shit you can’t live without. This has been the name of Jennifer’s game from day one; she owns the blueprints and if you don’t know by now, don’t even bother to Google it, cuz understanding is an investment not an action. Jennifer Herrema is not schizophrenic nor does she don many hats. She is simply a singer and simultaneously, a pioneer of comprehensive non-exclusive opposition rock, and Black Bananas is the latest addition to the oeuvre.

Brian Mckinley, Kurt Midness, Jaimo Welch , and Nadav Eisenman have been ripping and running with Jennifer since 2002, when one by one, they gathered serendipitously, borne by curiosity and the courage to be part of something new. Each passing RTX record saw them wrapped ever tighter in the burgeoning tongue of their own creation. Now, uttering their twisted slang fluently as a unified dialect, they emerge as Black Bananas.

If you wanna hedge (-fund) your bets its best to get out in front of this new natio nal currency they are creating with Black Bananas. These are the notes of the future; with Jennifer at the helm their worth will grow exponentially. Invest!

Black Bananas first album Rad Times Xpress IV runs the gamut from gnarly odes to reality TV in songs like “My House” to future electric metallic GoGo sounds all conceived with scraps of influence from Jennifer’s childhood passions zig-zagged with other currents out there, creating a sound that will take you to a specific place that only Black Bananas know how to find.

Most of all, Black Bananas is the new band in town – and they’re fucking righteous

Review-All you Royal Trux fans, who think this is just an extension of Jennifer Herrema and Royal Trux, are going to be in for a fucking shock. This is a very experimental rock cd. Where most fans of Royal Trux and Jennifer, are not going to be expecting this kind of drastic departure, I hope will be open for it. Rad Times is a prime example, where voice samples, and almost a disco feel, take front stage over the guitar sound and the vocals. it almost seems like a stew of Black Eyed Peas meeting rock and roll, meeting Edgar Winter. How this song is not right now on modern rock radio right now, is a fucking crime. This song has so much fan appeal for Royal Trux fans, to get new fans to discover this band and also want to go into their history as well. Then, songs like My House are more straight forward rock songs. The sound is like The Raveonettes hanging out with Jack White in early White Stripes mode. Each song on this cd, sounds like a musical journey into a different time and genre. No 2 songs on this cd sound alike. I am also a fan of Nightwalker and its incredible drum, and vocal exchange. With this cd, the band proves to be so fearless, and just does not care to fit in any music scene. Make no mistake about it, this is a guitar fueled rock album in its core. Songs like Killer Weed, clearly show you, that there is more than samples and tricks to this band’s sound. Songs like TV Trouble show you that the band really do not really have a musical destination to their sound or approach. They are just here to play what they feel. This cd could is like a drug fueled trip, that when you sit there and listen. You really have no idea which direction this cd will take song to song. Hell, even during the songs you really have no idea which direction they will keep going on. Which also leads to the beauty of this cd.

If you are a fan of bands like Crystal Castles, XBRXX, Cobra Killer, and most of anything else in that realm, you will really have fun with this cd. 13 songs at over 45 minutes of something that felt at times, to be pulled out of a Syd Barret era Pink Floyd session. If you are a fan of music that pushes boundaries, this cd could be something that you want to seek out. I love this band, but then again I was a major Royal Trux fan, and when I heard news of this band, it just seemed like such a gamble. But, shit the gamble pays off. What a cool cd. They are bringing a danger to your parents alternative music.

8 out of 10

  • Tim

    Have money, will buy.