Movie Review-Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Alpha

Coming to dvd and blu ray Tuesday from the New Video Group

Plot-Alpha is about a close to 10 year manhunt, US Intelligence has now received new info on Boris Chevtchenko, mastermind of the world’s worst war crimes. They also find out he has a connection to some Russian ultranationalists, Chevtchenko is about to deliver a large bomb to contaminate Moscow. So the US, send in the Ghosts the most elite soldiers we have to stop Chevtchenko and save the world from this catastrophe. Soon though, the Ghosts discover that this is only the start to bigger things they have to stop.

Review-I am not a gaming person. In 15 years, I may have played 6 video games total. So, watching Ghost Recon I was more of a film person than a gamer. So as a film person I will say these 25 minutes really delivers. The best thing about this short is that it does not overstay its welcome. From the first few seconds, we get killing. This short has more action and violence in what little time it has, than most feature length productions. The film is a joint production of Ubisoft Entertainment and Little Minx, along with Flatiron Films. This film just flies by so fast, because everything about it is absolutely top notch and so fast paced, this film does not get a chance to breathe. Video production is exceptional; audio production is terrific; and immeasurable great detail to both the action and the mood it sets. The disc comes with a making-of featurette which runs for close to a half hour. Funny, the making of is longer than the film. And you get the comic con debuted trailer of the film.

The asking price is roughly under 10.00 and if you are a fan of Ghost Recon video games or Tom Clancy, you will have fun with this little film. If you are looking for character development or a long winded dialogue, this is not your film. If you want a quick little no brainer action film for a quick fix, this is not that bad. I would have liked it longer, and gave us more of a background on the characters and maybe made it more non video game user friendly. But, for what it offered it was not too bad, and I thought was really well shot.

7.5 out of 10