Movie Review-This Means War

Coming to dvd and blu ray May 22nd thru 20th Century Fox

Plot-Two best friends who are CIA operatives wage a war between each other, when they discover they are dating the same woman. Directed by McG who gave us Charlie’s Angels and Terminator: Salvation

Review-When this film was released last Valentines Day, it was being billed as Reese Witherspoon’s comeback. After a string of flops and taking a backseat to younger stars, this was her film to put her name back on the romantic comedy map. This film underperformed at the box office, and just seem to leave just as fast as it opened. And that is sad, this film is really a fun time for the most part. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, have proven to be successful in other vehicles, and have yet to prove that they can carry a film on their names. I am always a fan, when a studio does these romantic comedies with a twist, that is geared more towards a adult audience. The twist in this one is that she falls for both guys, and while they know about each other, she has no clue that they both are starting a war for her attention. From bugging her apartment, phone, and keeping tabs on her. These guys fight for her attention, with knowing what she tells her sister she is into, and doing it for her, while trying to sabotage the other in the process. As you can tell, our two CIA guys who were once almost like brothers, turn to bitter enemies, trying to outdo the other. The whole time, there is a dangerous fugitive on the loose looking to kill both of them, while they are more concerned with trying to win her over.

The dialogue was so/so. Sometimes it was very spot on funny, and others it seemed to stall. Reese Witherspoon who has made a career out of playing the same character it seems, really comes out of her shell. She gives us a twist on the two timing man. While she feels bad for the game she is playing, she is so torn between the two, she does not want to hurt either. Chelsea Handler playing her sister, was flat out funnier than anything else she has done in a very long time. Her character seemed very Bridesmaids inspired. The film offers that buddy cop action fun, and some cool car chase to build up to a very oddly funny finale. Chris Pine seems to be the true star of this film. He plays off both Tom Hardy and Reese very well, and shows a very dark comic tone to his delivery. Tom Hardy, while the world knows he is going to be under heavy scrutiny playing Bane this summer for Dark Knight, and playing Mad Max in the upcoming reboot of the Road Warrior, just seems out of place at times, and does not have the same comic talents of those around him. He plays this nice, sweet family guy and he just comes across as bland.

Reese Witherspoon shines when she has people she can act off of. The scenes with her and Chris Pine really work very well. The Tom Hardy scenes, it looked like they both phoned it in. Though, the paint ball scene was amusing. Can this be the birth of a more mature McG? The man, who seems to have more critics to answer to, than any other director these days. This was proof that even McG can scale down on all the gimmicks and make a ok film. This is definitely a good date film. I think men, will like it for the action, and women will like it for the leads. This has something for all of you.

7 out of 10