Movie Review-The Grey

A group of oil drillers face more than they bargained for when their plane crashes. Beside the cold Alaskan Wilderness to worry about, they seem to have encountered a group of wolves that are defending their territory. The Grey is the second outing for director Joe Carnahan, and star Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson plays John Ottway, who at the beginning of the film seems to be holding on to memories of his wife, and a letter he is attempting to write to her. We learn he is at the end of his rope, as one of the film’s opening scenes show him with a gun in his mouth. Well, he chickens out of the act and the next day, gets aboard a flight with other oil drillers. And during the flight, while never understood or told to us, the plane crashes into the frozen Alaskan wilderness. From the get go, the survivors think that things cannot get any worst for them. And they soon learn that their situation can get a lot worst. Not only do they not have any food, and they have limited resources to keep them warm, and also they learn there is a huge pack of wolves that want to kill them. And of course, Liam is taking over the team as the leader because he has a history killing wolves and knows all about them. If you were a fan of the A Team remake that these two gave you a few years ago, you will like this as well. There are the normal clichés that haunt all these films, like the situations that you know could never happen. Like people falling into a frozen river and swim around for a few minutes and get out of it, and not have to warm up after. Or that they can take some belts and shirts and go across a mountain to a tree that is almost 200 to 400 feet away, and someone would actually agree to jump across to set the belts and shirts up to do this.

This film gives you tons of good kills. That is the one thing; this film did not skimp on. They gave you a lot of wolf goodness, along with plenty of the blood and gore. The atmosphere and mood of certain scenes reminded me of Jaws with wolves and snow. And there are two really good jump scares that really added to the suspense of this film. You feel like you are in this dire situation with these guys. There is a scene, where Liam takes a torch and goes about a couple feet away from the fire and he points it straight ahead and you see all these yellow devil eyes looking right at him.

Where this film sort of lost me, was in the final 20 minutes. I hate films that build and build a great suspense and manipulate us to really be on the edge of our seat, and then give us that kind of ending? I know there is a bit scene after all the credits, but it did not take away from the final moments of this film being almost like a punch in the gut. I thought the script was good, and Liam Neeson as he has done in recent years with films like Unknown and Taken, really delivers as a leading actor. This film, all flaws considered is still well worth a rental. This is a film that people will really have a fun time with, and be so into this film from start to finish. This film has so much action and emotion, that it has to think of anyone who could truly not have fun with this film. So stop reading this review, and go out and get this film you will not be letdown.

8 out of 10