Movie Review-the Fields

Plot-Set in the 70’s..Steven is a young boy who’s sent to live with his grandmother and grandfather, in the country while his mother and father work through their marital troubles. When the mom is Tara Reid, who do you think has the issues in this relationship. Where was Edward Furlong for this casting to play the husband? Though his grandparents warn him to stay away from the corn stalks near their house, you know how kids are and Steven goes into the fields anyway. This is around the time when the world was in fear of Charles Manson and his family. Steven starts to hear noises, thinks he sees bodies and the dog disappears in the field. Where is Mac Davis to save the day when we need him the most? Someone mail Charles Manson this film.

Review-This film has so little to like, but so much to just hate. It felt so long and uneven. When you have Cloris Leachman giving Tara Reid a speech about alcohol, you know where this movie may be heading. Tara Reid while she was ok in the American Pie films, has no business in all these b grade and direct to dvd horror films. She has the acting range of a flat tire. She has a look, I get it. But, seriously am I the only guy who rushes to find the mute button when she is about to talk? Her demeanor never changes no matter what happens. To see her play the mom to Steven, and the kid out acts her. Fucking pathetic. You know there is something very wrong with the casting choices in this film. She has the range and mentality, she should have played the kid. The movie had a decent mood, and some really tense scenes. But, let’s be fair those positives had more to do with the setting, and atmosphere more then anything that was coming out of any actors mouth on screen. The cornfield worked. It looked the right kind of spooky. As a fan of almost any scarecrow film that has come down the pike, let me tell you the cornfield makes all the difference in getting a viewers attention. Cloris Leachman did her damndest with what was given to her. She was also another positive to this film. She comes across as so genuine and real. She talks just like any other grandmother would, who did not want to put up with her grandkids. The film had some moments of true brilliance, but to get to those moments were a lot of moments of just pure boredom. What is next, Adele in Children of the Corn 10? I am so fucking sick of the disrespect horror gets. And Tara Reid is a fucking joke, that the only she turns on in her scenes, is the meds it takes to put up with her no talent ass. Why not cast Paris Hilton as her sister who is disillusioned and thinks she matters.

There is no gore, and the sound mix that at times sounded muddied. Now after I watched this, I did something new. I wanted to see what the universal feeling is for this film. I never do that, but I wanted to see if I blast this film, would I be alone. And the sad part is, I will. This film is very loved and well reviewed by a lot of great critics. My question is, did I watch the same film? It says in the beginning it is based on true events. And I question that as well. This film just seemed like it was trying to cash in on the Ti West inspired throwback to yesterday, slow burn wanna be horror film. This film felt like it was trying hard to be everything to everyone. Which it failed to do with me, it felt like nothing to no one. It makes me kind of sick when I think of my life and know how much pride I take in my work, and then I think that Tara Reid can get away with crap like this and still get a hefty payday. Thank god there is a new American Pie film out, I was almost scared to think Tara and Natasha Lyonne would be in another horror film this year.

4 out of 10