Movie Review-The Descendents

Coming to dvd this Tuesday thru Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Plot-In the future, the air has been polluted with a virus and the earth has been destroyed. It seems a few children are immune to this virus. One of them is Camille, a nine-year-old girl who wanders through these desolated wastelands, protecting herself from zombies and armed military forces on her way to a better future.

Review-This film is just plain awful. The beginning of the film, you get some cheap piano music playing while thru cartoon drawings, main character Camille tells us about what was happened. So for about 5 minutes we get this history lesson, which if you watch the film all the way thru, you really did not need this history lesson. It is a zombie film, we know viruses and outbreaks, we know dead world and earth is gone. We get all this. The film runs barely 74 minutes. We learn that some kids are born with cuts in each side of their neck. With these cuts they are immune to the virus. Also, that the infected people seem to not like to attack these mutant like children. The majority of this film has this little girl walking along the country on her way to some ocean she dreamed about, that she thinks is the answer. This film is more built on feeling that is set by mood. The central premise of the story sounds so cool. You have a mother and daughter who get separated during a zombie outbreak, and the daughter is on her own now. I mean, any zombie lover will read this and have to see this film. Trust me, the premise and what it offers, are night and day. This film is a boring mess, when I finished watching this film in my third try. It took three tries to get thru it. I was left with more questions than answers. My main question is, how in hell did this film gets funded and any one in their right mind recommends this? When you see the box art, you are going to think, that this film will be a zombie fun day. This film gives you little to no action, little to no blood and little to nothing to recommend it.

The script is a joke; the acting was a bigger joke. This film was just so awful. I would say wait till it gets on Netflix streaming, but even for free, I would say do not see this film. This is just bad horror cinema. What an insult to the fans of zombie horror. I am sick of even talking about it. I wish I could find something to give this at least a .5. Well, it worked better than Nyquil.

0 out of 10