Movie Review-The Dead Want Women

Plot-This is the latest from Charles Band and Full Moon Entertainment. In the roaring 20’s a murder suicide of a silent movie starlet who loses her studio contract results in the death of her friends and colleagues, including Eric Roberts, who plays an actor in this who is known for his cowboy pictures. Fast Forward to now, the infamous performer’s mansion is acquired by realtors who quickly discover it’s haunted.

Review-As much as I am a fan of Eric Roberts, not even he can save this mess. Full Moon is notorious for those films that should be 30 to 40 minutes long, but stretch them out to about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. This film just seems like it did not even try. To sell this house as haunted to the fans, it depends heavily on the actors most of all. But this film does them no favors,I mean this mansion,it is very clean, and seems like a normal house in the center of Hollywood. Which is shocking because according to this film no one has been in this house for 80 years? At least, we know the maids do not matter or count. Are they ghosts, demons, or zombies? They appear out of some cheap smoke of greenish light or something, and cannot be killed but can kill other ghosts, demons or zombies. If you are confused by this review, I was just as confused by watching the film. What did Eric Roberts do wrong, to be in this film? He felt so uninspired and bored, that he loses all that charm and fun we expect from a cheesy performance that he is famous for.
There was some ghost girl boobs, that you felt were thrown in to be a distraction to this train wreck of a film. For me to keep going with this review, would be just picking on the film more and more. The film was really bad for even Full Moon standards. And the sad part, is you just know in the opening minutes how bad this film could be, but you hold out for some cheese fun that may carry the film to the end, and it never comes.
If you are a Full Moon fan, you may want to check it out to say you did. But, if you are not a Full Moon fan, go watch Puppet Master, Deadly End, or Subspecies, those are their gems. This not so much. Forget Women, the dead need a bigger budget and a better script.

1.5 out of 10

  • Thank you so much for checking out the review. Fans be ready ( drum roll please) In 2013—-A new Puppet Master film. All I can say is, smoke them if you got them, and get extremely drunk. This may help you, god have the last 5 Puppet Master films sucked so bad. Does anyone know if they truly beat the Demonic Toys? I could not make it thru the whole film…

  • Ben Wasden

    Full Moon should stick to stuff like Evil Bong and Gingerdead Man series.