Movie Review-The Aggression Scale

Coming to dvd and blu ray May 29th

Plot-A group of hitmen are on the hunt for people who stole their boss’s money. The orders are to not only get the money, but to kill the people who stole it. The hitmen get more than they bargained for, when they encounter 2 kids that they may not be so ready for. Think Goodfellas meets Home Alone with shades of Burning Bright.

Review-From director Steven C.Miller, who gave us the Dimension Extreme release Automaton Transfusion, and last years After Dark Original Scream of the Banshee. If you are familiar with those two films, you know where your expectations should be when you watch this film. Like the two films listed above, this was a very fun film for the most part. The story in the first 15 minutes, is so confusing and disjointed, it seems it only exists to set up a mood or feel, that feels rushed and does not get set up until later. Now, that being said around the 15 minute to the half hour mark, the story seems to rely more on the dialogue and characters, more than the first part which relied more on the violence,fast forwarding, rewinding, and just a lot of jumbled storytelling. The first scene in the film you watch a killing, you really are not sure as to why it happened, then we rewind to a hour earlier, and we start to learn a little. At the 15 minute mark, the film starts to calm down a little and we learn about this family who move in this house in the middle of nowhere. At this point, you really have no idea who is who, or what is what. Not until the Hitmen come knocking on the door. They have a teenage daughter, who is a cutter and dealing with a lot of emotional issues. And a son, who is silent, but when prevoked he is overly aggressive. Well, Derek Mears and Dana Ashbrook leads this cast of hitmen, that are out to try and kill the family. Their plans seem just like every other kill, until they go up against the two kids.

The first half hour of the film was very story heavy, dialogue heavy and confusing. The last hour of this film, was fun. As you can guess our two kids are setting up traps, trying to combat a group of thugs with guns. It is a very violent home alone. I thought the hitmen, once the violence with the kids started, really worked very well. They were all overacting in a very b grade fun wise, where it is almost bugs bunny, cartoonish and comical to watch the bad things that happen, happen. This film is a very tense indie action film as well. Not overly gory, but enough blood and pain filled scenes to make a gorehound smile, while not turning off a non gore hound. This film not only asks you to suspend your disbelief, it asks you to also put logic and common sense in the same suspension. The diagloue for what it lacked in the first half, the last hour of it, made up for it. The actors looked like they were having fun, and no one really seemed to be phoning it in. They all seem to want to shine in each scene they are in. You really love watching a film like this, that when you are going thru the special features menu, and watch the making of, you know they all wanted to have fun and enjoyed working on this film.

I love the Thelma and Louise turn this film made in the final few minutes, it really worked. This is one of those films that when the credits roll, you want to tell someone that they should watch this film.

All in all, I would recommend this a tad bit higher than just a rental. This may be a film you want to watch more than once. Also a fun film for those late teenage kids to sit back and enjoy as well. This is a good time, and a real popcorn film. I wont harp anymore about the first half, but I will say the last hour of this film will have you guys talking a lot. This is one of those films you know a fan of the genre made for other fans of the genre. This is a real treat.

9  out of 10