Movie Review-The Afflicted

Plot-Based on a true story. This is the story of a mother of 4 kids, who slowly loses all grip on reality and takes it out on her kids, all in the name of alcohol and god.


Review-All of you people who are going crazy about Lucky McKee’s The Woman, and thinking The Girl Next Door was so violent and depressing. Wait till you see this film. Lord, this film is very cold blooded and very brutal. Leslie Easterbrook( from Police Academy and almost all the Rob Zombie films) gives the role of her career as Maggie. She is a god fearing christian woman who is married to Hank ( played by Kane Hodder). You just know by the voiceover in the beginning, that when we start off at a birthday party and everyone seems so happy and loving, that something is wrong. And this film wastes no time to bring out, the brutal ugliness of the life of this family,quickly to the forefront. This film tackles a lot of subjects. From child abuse, how schools handle complaints of child abuse, tv religion, to what people’s perception of god truly is. As Maggie deals with the cards she was dealt in a very alcohol fueled, violent and abusive way to her little kids. You cannot sit there and watch this and not feel for them. This is what truly makes this film work. This is not fiction watch the news, it really happens all around us. She decides to let her oldest girl go to work to earn money for the family..she sells her out as a prostitute to a filthy old man. These scenes were almost so depressing, and unbearable to watch. Then we find out later in the film, the mom can hear everything going on in the room and condones it. It is cruel. The abuse scenes from stuffing her skinny daughter with food, to punish her for mom gaining weight and thinking she is huge to the point of puking, and paddling her kids to the point they are so bruised and beaten beyond recognition, this film will hit home with a lot of people and that is fucking sad.

At the end of the day, films are meant to be a mental escape…a pathway to some kind of dream world or fantasy. But so many films are not escapes, but almost like voyeuristic views into things that exist behind closed doors around us and make us question life. What is the true line between human and animal. I seen The Woman, and you can tell the abuse in that movie is made up and fake. This film, to just sit there and know it is based on actual events, basically just tests your morals as a human being. If you can sit there and know that maybe this person was a friend of someone you know, and you could have stopped it, makes this film so much more powerful. At the end of day, real or fake..make believe or network news, it is all a window to our own souls and lives, and if you choose to let this effect you. I will say this film is amazing, from the standpoint that three days after I watched it, I am here thinking about it and still having images of things in this film that will haunt me. For that case alone, this film should be seen. The acting from Leslie and Kane was top notch. The kids were believable enough. This film did not preach to me, it basically plunged me into their world. If I had a negative about this film, it would be the music. It did not fit the film nor did the strip club scene, though it was sort of wink wink funny. But, it was to prove a point and I felt it took away from the pacing. All in all, the film should be seen esp. if you are a fan of films like The Girl next door, and The Woman and want a film that will make you pay attention and react.


8 out of 10