Movie Review-Subspecies (20th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]

Plot-The one that started the franchise for Full Moon, Mr Phantasm himself Angus Scrimm stars as King Vladislay. He is in a battle with the monstrous vampire Radu, and caught in the middle are three research students. To think this is finally on blu ray and over 20 years old, makes me feel very old. Very old, thank you Charles.

Review-I am a Subspecies fan, and this is by far the best release on the Full Moon Roster. You can never go wrong with Angus Scrimm. As much as I love this film, the blu ray was a different story. Now, I will say first and foremost, the picture and color was amazing. It is light and day above the dvd release. My issue is why are you guys skimping on the bonus features? They give you the Full Moon resume in trailers and a video- zone feature. Why no director commentary or retrospective? All you fans of Subspecies know it would rule to hear Ted Nicolaou share his thoughts on this film, or talk about the franchise. Or maybe get some of the cast on the deal, to add their two cents. I know studios always look for ways to ask the fans to double dip for a purchase or a transfer, so why not reward them? All fairness, the transfer alone is worth the double dip. This film, watching it on blu ray felt fresh and within seconds I forgot it was 20 plus years old. The magic of technology.

Now, let us get to some Subspecies goodness. This is just straight up vampire B-movie schlock. And not some silly Twilight or Hollywood bs, this is a very fun slice of cheese and sleaze. This film is all about atmosphere and mood; it creates a fear from buildings and shadows. You can tell this film was actually shot in Romania. This has one of the coolest villains ever and some of the dumbest grad students I have ever met. Some American grad students Michelle and her best buddy Lillian meet their friend Mara in a small Romanian town, so they can write their papers on Romanian folklore. Their investigations bring them to a castle where vampires were once said to dwell, as well as an encounter with a vampire named Stefan. Radu returns to the castle and murdered his own dad to steal this Bloodstone. ( which has the blood of the saint in it) And he decides to try and make all three girls his own, and Stefan and Angus must try and save them.

What can I say about this film that has not been said a hundred times by other critics and fans? Subspecies and Puppet Master are the two jewels in the Full Moon crown. If you are new to Full Moon, this is a good start and you will not be letdown. I am glad that Full Moon has really fully embraced blu ray and this is such a welcome addition to any horror blu ray collection. I wish they would add more special features to these releases and make them really feel unique and special, but it was amazing for what it was. Happy Birthday Subspecies, you have been truly missed. Good film.

8.5 out of 10