Movie Review-Strip Nude for your Killer

Plot-How is this for a premise. When a fashion model dies during an abortion, one by one, photographers, models and doctors start to drop like flies. What else do you expect from Andrea Bianchi who gave us Burial Ground in 1981? This one puts the grind in grindhouse. What an attempt at making a giallo.

Review-The first shot of the film is the model who is having a abortion that kills her. In these first few minutes you know if this film is for you. Some trivia before we start the review, did you know the art teacher from Hostel 2 has a role in this film? And that would be Edwige Fenech who plays Magda. And the funny thing, 37 years later and she still looks beautiful. This film is about Carlo who is a photographer who tells any story to any girl to get them to have sex with them. Like in the first twenty minutes, he lures a girl into a sauna with hopes of being his next model. Instead he has sex with her clueless ass, while finally she discovers that the camera is not snapping any pictures. The killer in this film weapon of choice is a knife, that whether it is slow coming towards the victim or a quick slice and dice, this film does not let you down on the killing and blood. Even, for its time this material could not pass for a R Rating, which is a shame, I would have loved to see this on a big screen with a crowd. Well, not a crowd for today maybe one from 1975, they would be more open to a film like this. I think Nail Gun Massacre owes a big debt to this film. How can you guys go wrong, with a motorcycle jacket and helmet wearing killer who kills nude women. I ask again, how can you go wrong? There is this scene where this obese man does one of the worst attempted rapes I have ever seen in my life. Which ends up him shooting off in his pants with the girl all of a sudden ready and willing? Talk about a awkwardly funny scene, this is what this film does best. It is trash for the sake of trash, and fucking proud of it.
The women in this film fall into three categories: sexual active with anyone, dumb as bricks, and obedient women, who will still put out after taking physical or verbal abuse. I never seen so many women, get slapped in the face, strangled and then look at their man and say,” I know you love me” and get undressed. This film had a plot and a ending that feels like it came out of a Scooby Doo episode, but why lie, for a film with this title, the script, characters and plot were just words. I wanted to see this for the trashy premise and this film delivered on that full force. I won’t call this a giallo film; there was not enough blood flowing or tense moments. This was just a soft core porn version of horror that really was a fun time. This was even made better by the blu ray transfer. What a perfect picture and sound. The music sounded way dated, but what did I expect them to do maybe spruce it up with Taylor Swift? This was fun, and I will say, you will have fun with this title, just keep your expectations very low and tolerate the scenes that have everyone dressed, what very few there are. This is some fun Euro-Sleaze that will make sure it gives you something to talk about once the credits roll.

7.5 out of 10