Movie Review-Shock Labyrinth [2D/3D Blu-ray + DVD]

Plot-Shock follows a group of teenagers dealing with the sudden appearance of a friend, who went missing about 10 years ago. When the friend falls ill, they take her to a hospital, but end up trapped in a labyrinth like haunted house. From director Takashi Shimizu who gave us Ju-on and Marebito for starters.

Review-This film was such a really bad letdown, there were some very cool creepy moments here and there. But in the end, this film was not very good. When you hear the name Takashi Shimizu, you are either going to expect something that is going to be very great, or something that is going to be very dull, and uninspired. There is no in-between with his vision. I think after he went hollywood to do his Grudge films, he lost some of his shine. This film is a prime example of someone believing their own hype. This just feels like a bad re-telling of his earlier works. The plot was so confusing, and just all over the place, that to explain it, would really hurt the film more than watching it. This is a supposedly dream like film, some kids re-visit a haunted house fairground attraction, where something horrible happened to them years ago, only for the weird things that happened to start up again. If you are scared of plush toys, this is going to give you a lot of jump scares and fearful moments. The dialogue was horribly written, as the film went on the acting went from bad to worst, much less gore then we are used to, and a poor-quality 3D quality. This film centers around one of the kids- Yuki. How did she die? Why didn’t no one help her? Could they have helped her? From this we go thru flashbacks, different character perspectives, and just utter chaos and confusion. This film made zero to no sense. What I could get out of the ending and the twist, did not make up for the hour and a half I wasted to get to it. This felt like Ju-on for teens.

Again, some of the film works. I thought the first twenty minutes were the most clear and also the most easy to follow. It built a good story, and created some cool little chill moments here and there. In the end, this is clearly a missed opportunity. For fans who will read this and see Shimizu did a new film, and you have to see it, who knows you may like it more than I did. But, being I am a diehard fan of Shimizu, this was such a letdown. This is what happens when you sell out to american audiences.

2 out of 10