Movie Review-Schoolgirl Report #8: What Parents Must Never Know

Coming to dvd May 8th

Press Release-Those schoolgirls are back and more naked than ever, in this eighth installment of the super sexy German softcore series! A two week bus trip to a country hostel turns into a series of crazy sexcapades for some young female students. In a series of eye-and-pants-popping vignettes (a trademark of the Schoolgirl Report series), the girls take us on the ride of our lives and we learn Gisela seduced a worker at her home (watch for a strange “cameo” from Swedish sensation Christina Lindberg here) to open his eyes to the pleasures of lovemaking. Annette is hiding her pregnancy from her parents, because she fears their reaction. A few of the girls turn their prudish Biology teacher from a lame dame, to a boobtastic sexpot. Two skinny dipping teens compare breast sizes as a perverted man swipes their clothes. A beautiful girl dodges huge sticks and balls (on a pool table) as she makes love to her father’s boss to keep him from getting fired and, in the final story, blonde bombshell Evi inadvertently reveals one teacher’s secret after trying to molest him and confess her love.

Plot-If you seen the other 7, you know what to expect.

The Picture Quality-This is presented in an anamorphic widescreen 1.66:1 ratio and looks good. There are times, mostly early on in the film where there is speckling or dirt and debris however it doesn’t distract from the film. The healthy grain level transports us back to the days when this would be playing in a grindhouse theater with a real film print, spinning on platters run by a real projectionist.

Review-The special features on this dvd are zilch. But, the subtitles are newly transferred and really well done. If you are a fan of this soft core German sexploitation series, you will have fun with this episode. I watched number 6 and 7, and thought they were ok. I am not really a fan of soft core porn. I think either sexploitation should be full penetration, with the porn elements we all love. Or that they should not even go down this avenue. Now, you have nudity, a lot of nudity, and some of the most cheesiest humor I have ever encountered. These films are meant to be a taste for the perverted. This time it is the all girls class who are on a bus heading for a rural farm, for a field trip to learn about Biology. These girls, who are all about sex, and all very promiscuous, share their various romps with each other that we get to see through very sexual flashbacks. From a girl seducing her family’s gardener, to this cute little girl hiding her pregnancy from her father, to girls losing their clothes while skinny dipping and another having to sleep with one of the girl’s father’s boss men to help him keep his job.

What a good kid, she is a real trooper. With these ladies there is little left to the imagination. They give you all that soft core eroticism. I like the film for what it offered in terms of the ladies, but everything else was lame. I hated the men characters, they just all came across as so unbelievable and just stupid. That, to know these girls were with them, made them seem like they were giving away pity sex.

While not as good as the Nikkatsu stuff Synapse has put out, this is ok for what it offers. Not what it is. At the end of the day, if you are under 18 and cannot buy porn. This may be a ok substitute, plus if you get busted watching it, you can say..” hey mom, there is no full on penetration”. I would say if you are into sleaze and sexploitation seek out the Nikkatsu series. They are far more extreme, and more explicit. This is tame, but if you are in the mood for a cheese sexploitation tale about schoolgirls in the 70’s. Here you go. i think I found out what Jim Powers inspiration was. If you do not know who Jim Powers is, you are far too young to be reading this review.

4 out of 10