Movie Review-Roadracers

Released in 1994, available now for the first time ever on blu ray thanks to the people at Echo Bridge Entertainment. David Arquette stars in Roadracers, which is homage to 50’s rebel teenager films. David plays Dude, who has to confront thugs, deal with an uncertain future and a corrupt town sheriff. Think Rumble Fish directed by Robert Rodriguez. Rebel High was a short lived series on Showtime that not only harkened back to the 1950s American rebel pictures but remade them with a 90’s spin. The first film out of the gate was Roadracers helmed by an indie director named Robert Rodriquez. This was his follow up to El Mariachi, and I will say it is pretty impressive what he achieved with a made for cable TV movie.
Dude (who is played by Arquette)who is your James Dean like character, has big dreams but he’s stuck in this small Texas town smoking cigs and driving around in his hot rod with his main squeeze Donna( played by Robert staple Selma Hayek) and his rebel buddy Nixer . One evening they meet up with Teddy and a war of words is only fueled by a flicked cigarette that sets on fire the hair of Teddy’s girl. Now Teddy wants revenge as Dude also runs afoul of Sarge, who in addition to being Teddy’s Dad is also a cop.

To watch this film now, seems odd considering that Arquette seems to be cast against type. I know that if I watched this film then, it would have made more sense with the casting choices then it does now. With that being said, this seems like an odd follow up to El Mariachi, but it was a good one. I love the 50’s feel of the film, and this was more true to that era than the Hairspray remake a few years back. The Rumble Fish reference just seemed to fit the mood of this film, because most of the violence in this film is talked about, and until the finale really is not present a lot. Hayek proves in this film err TV movie why she is the go to person for Rodriguez. She is Donna; from the sex appeal to her dialogue she just nails this role. Rodriguez with most of his female casting has a thing for 50’s esque beauty, case in point Rose McGowan and Hayek just have that old school Jane Russell and Betty Page appeal to them.

I am not sure if I would call this a cult classic, maybe a guilty pleasure. David Arquette to me is an actor who is not above making the worst career moves. From 1800-Call ATT, to being WCW Champ, to not getting off the Scream boat before part 3 came out, and finally his public behavior. To watch this film is truly a shame, I would assume at this time he seemed like the next breakout star. This is the role that could launch a career, and really make people notice you. This really makes me wonder why more TV films are not this well done or thought out. This really shows what happens when you give someone with a lot of ambition, a budget and let him create some magic. This was truly a good time, which I really enjoyed. Despire the weird casting choices, it was still a good little TV Movie, that really translates well on blu ray.

8 out of 10