Movie Review-Resurrection County

Plot- When four campers roll into the remote town of Enoch, they find that southern niceness still exists sort of. But like most small southern towns, things are not what they appear to be, as a weekend camping trip turns into horror.

Review-What separates Resurrection County, from all the other small town horror films? That was a question that I ended up pondering as I sat down to write this review. Each month, indie studios release up to 5 of these types of films, each film promising to be different than the last one. You know the film, the one that starts off with the opening full of newspaper articles of those people who are missing. I always hated films that resort to this cheap way of telling us people are either dead or they are maybe abducted. I always thought either show us the acts happening or tell us. Why show newspaper articles? Is it supposed to create a suspense that the film will try to live up to, but fail miserably? This film devotes a lot of time to driving, whether it is in a car, a ATV tearing up the mud, or just shots of the woods, in case you never been in a forest in your life and may not know what a tree is. This film skimps on the kills; it just shows you the bodies afterwards. And that was such a major downer for me, when you look at the cover art you go into this film expecting to see some cool deaths and torture scenes. The scene on the cover never happens, as the actress on the box art is also not in this film. The torture scenes you do get are so lame and done to death, and seem to be also be mostly male. With this film, you are the one who is being tortured, this film is one of those gems that is so done to death and paint by numbers, you feel as though the directors watched all the films in this genre and picked and chose what they wanted to copy, and ripped them off very poorly.

Resurrection County is basically a predictable storyline of campers going into an area where the locals have fun and love to kill off the tourists. This time it is not a bunch of clueless teens it is a bunch of obnoxious adults that you cannot really feel sorry for, because they come across as people who if you met them in public you would not really socialize with, because you are worried they will annoy your true friends. This film is just bad for the sake of being bad, and be warned if you decide to see this film, do not go by the cover to make your judgment. You been warned stay away from Resurrection County!!!!!

1.5 out of 10