Movie Review-Playback

Plot-A group of teenagers are trying to make a film about a killing that rocked the town many years ago. While researching for this film, they start to dig into a past that may be coming back to haunt them.

Review-Sometimes I feel it is a curse to be a horror fan. For every one great horror film, we get what 10 to 20 bad ones. And lord forbid, if one style of film making catches on. It will be done to death. If you have seen the following films-Mirrors, White Noise, The Ring, and anything in that realm, you seen the bulk of this film. This film is just bad. It did more to confuse me then it did to entertain me. You are telling me someone can touch a screen and thru a lens someone can be possessed? Ok, so why does it only work on certain characters? And, then thru possession you will have a change of heart, when you watch someone get killed? You with me so far. When one character kills their lover, they are still possessed. But, when another watches someone they seduce die, they have a change of heart. Do these rules just change according to who pissed off the director that day?

Christian Slater has top billing, and he is in this film for how long, 20 minutes maybe? What purpose did he serve anyway? Oh man, a perverted dirty cop that really was not a pivotal part of the plot. I bet he wishes he can have his career back after Heathers took off. Was’nt he supposed to be the next Jack Nicholson? Oh wow.

The start of the film was promising. We witness this character named Harlan Diehl, just kill his family, and spare his baby boy. Why, you ask. Do not worry they will explain it all to you by the hour and 5 minute mark. So, they expect you to follow a story that they just keep building, without really giving you any clues as to what is going on. And from there we go thru about 40 minutes of just pure wanna be David Lynch Twin Peaks meets just about every other teen inspired horror film. Which means, you will be bogged down by silly situations, and just absurd dialogue. Now, there was some cool kills in this film. I will say, the kill scenes what very few you do get, were very well done. The script was so absurd and confusing, that I think they were writing it on the fly. Why do so many films get made, just for the simple fact to say they were made? This film just seems to not have a care in the world for what anyone will say about it, like it knows how bad it is.

I feel that the people who could be the crowd for this film, are those who are new to the horror genre. There is no way a die hard horror fan, can watch this film all the way thru and praise it to people. I love plot twists. If a film can catch me off guard, I am always fast to praise it. This film absolutely abandons all logic, and gives us a twist that makes absolutely no sense. It just felt like they threw common sense out the window, and wanted to pile on the shocks towards the end. And were proud of them. Oh, you guys did not see that coming…oh wait, here is another thing you did not see coming. Why, not one person alive will not see most of this stuff coming? It is because unlike me, they will give up on this film long before the twists, and more than likely before the few good kills in this film.

3 out of 10