Movie Review-Mutant Girls Squad

Coming to dvd and blu ray combo pack on May 22nd thru Well Go USA

Plot-How is this for a directing line up on this film. Noboru Iguchi (Robo-Geisha, The Machine Girl), Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl) and Tak Sakaguchi (Death Trance, Versus, Yoroi: Samurai Zombie). These masters have joined forces to bring you their take on the X-Men. Told in chapters, this is the story of Rin who has a mutant claw and does not fit in with the rest of the kids, so she is bullied and picked on at school. One day when she comes home, her parents inform her that they are mutants as well, and from there she watches as her parents are killed in front of her. She seeks revenge on those who killed them, but also discovers she is not alone, there are other mutants as well. So, they bond and fight together.

Review-This is easily one of the most anticipated and talked about releases of 2012. I have been stoked about this arrival as have a lot of fans since what 2009? And I am here to tell you, this does not let you down. It gives you what you have come to expect from these directors in very large amounts. The first chapter is called Awakening. In this story, Rin finds out on her birthday that she is a mutant, in the form of a claw that is on her arm when she gets mad. It looks just like the glove almost of a Freddy Kruger. We watch her get bullied on in school and never fight back. Then, that all changes when her parents are killed right in front of her. This whole chapter is blood spewing like water, cgi insane kills, and 20 plus minutes that gives Machine Girl a run for its money in total fun and absurdity. The next chapter is called Revolution. Where Rin is enlisted to be part of a group of other mutants, which include a woman with swords for breasts, and people with other abnormalities. With this group she learns how to fight and not be ashamed of who she is. It is obvious this is a take on X-Men, and you never really seem to mind, because the abnormalities are so bizarre that they were fun to watch.

This film is just a nonstop blood flow of action and fun. If you are a fan of films like Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl, you already know what to expect and are stoked. Where the last few films in this genre like Robo Geisha and Alien vs Ninja seem to drag and just feel like they were not up to par with the films before them. This film, feels like the next chapter and also a hope to keep these films fresh and survive. There is nothing to not recommend, if you have been witness to what these directors have done before this, you know that the acting, script and dialogue are all background, and that the blood and gore is the star.

This is a violent fun blood soaked reminder of how fun these films can be. I really cannot recommend this film any much more than that. Rush out and see this on blu ray as fast as humanly possible.

9 out of 10