Movie Review-Monster Brawl

Coming to dvd and blu ray June 12th from Image Entertainment.

Plot-Eight classic monsters fight to the death in a graveyard wrestling tournament with Dave Foley doing commentary and Jimmy Hart as the ring announcer. All you Kevin Nash fans who missed him since he did D.O.A. fear not he is back. Wait, he made films since then.

Review-Some ideas I bet on paper look really impressive. We are going to get Herb Dean from UFC, and do a UFC/Wrestling film that will feature all the monsters we all grew up loving fighting each other. Now this film put that way sounds like a good time. For what little fun this film does offer, it is just boring. When Dave Foley is coming across bored during the film, and Jimmy Hart looks like he owed someone a favor and regretted it being this film, how can we invest our attention in this film? So if the main characters are not coming thru with their roles, how can they sell me on liking this film? Some aspects of this film were cheese, and almost passable. The Lance Henriksen voice over in this film was just pure cheese, and the ring side girls added to that cheese factor. Lance did all the introductions almost in a UFC way. You get to see each creature or monster in their natural habitat. Also you get all these wrestling matches which just come across as Ultimate Death Match set to a graveyard setting without the nostalgic feeling. Whoever told Kevin Nash he has talent should be arrested for being a fraud. Kevin Nash does his best Diesel -esque gimmick, and it just comes across as fake. The few death scenes you do get are so over the top fake that they did not even try to make them look real.

Also in the film the announcers are warned that the cemetery is cursed, which later in the film means that the graves will open and zombies will arise. There was some fun in that 5 minutes they went that route, esp. with Frankenstein scaring them, it was sort of humorous. I am a die-hard wrestling fan, and a scene in the film when Dave Foley cannot even get the name of certain staple moves in wrestling right seemed like an insult. Art Hindle plays his play by play guy and he has little to no personality and really keeps the film so just tiresome. With this film, I answered that trivia question us horror fans had for 4 years, whatever happened to Scarce director Jesse T. Cook.

The little this film does offer in terms of entertainment, it takes away with the long stretches of bland humor and bad ideas that are supposed to seem cutting edge. As a whole, I have seen a lot worst films lately. Who knows, if you are into films that are so bad you may find some good with it, you may want to see if this film fits that category. Who knows, it may?

3 out of 10