Movie Review-Maximum Shame

( This review was originally written in August 2010. Since then, this film has generated quite a buzz, and I decided to revisit this review, and maybe get some of you on the Carlos Atanes bandwagon.)

Time is running out and future is a black hole.

Review-This movie is thought provoking. It created some images that I thought to myself, its only a movie, this is not for real. Carlos warned me about what I would watch and he was right. Its not so much gory or gross, its human desperation. The dialog in the movie was unique to say the truth. I am not sure if I liked it or hated it, or even can tell you what i just watched. But, I do know it entertained me. The plot, well lets be honest- this movie the less you know, the more you will appreciate it. I looked at the cover and thought, what in the fuck am I getting into. Then, 20 minutes into this foray of weirdness, I started to appreciate the fact I knew nothing about this. Cause, if someone described this movie to me, I would say it sounds too weird even for me, no thanks. But, this movie was like a Atanes canvas and he created some cool art. Would I recommend this movie to the normal horror movie watcher, hell no, they hate all these movies that challenge them. This film they would be bitching that there is no body count, or dumb teenager running around with a dumbed down script. That they had to actually watch a film, and not be texting. I would recommend this movie to someone who just wants to see something different and unique. This is a original. And hats off to Carlos for having the balls to make this movie. What is even better than this is he sent me two movies to review. I am looking forward to more stuff from Carlos Atanes. Very unique individual, and very great talent.

7 out of 10

Nominated for Weirdest Movie of 2011 in 366 Weird Movies annual “Weirdcademy Awards”.

Nominated for Best Feature Film (BUT Film Festival, Breda, NL, 2010)

One of the 2010 Five Movies of the Year according to Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Film

One of the 2010 Eleven More Memorable Independent Films according to Pulpmovies

Carlos Atanes’ most ambitious, polished and weirdest feature work according to 366 Weird Movies

Brutal, disturbing, confusing, challenging and severly unique according to Film Threat

Brutal, disturbing, confusing, challenging and severely unique.»
Film Threat

«For this twisted fantasy, the Spanish underground auteur Atanes took viewers on a deep philosophical journey across a decaying minimalist playground on the fringes of reality. Oh, and it’s a musical.»

Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Film

«With its wardrobe of black leather and chrome dental restraints along with a powerful musical score that ranges from 40s show tunes to 80s synth pop, Maximum Shame is perhaps Atanes’ most ambitious and polished —not to mention weirdest— feature work.»

366 Weird Movies

«Carlos Atanes’ works his magic best this way. He can completely head-fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to somke an after-sex-cigarette afterwards, yet he does it in a fun way. A fun, unique way. A fun, unique, perverted way.»
Film Bizarro

«When your lover is a woman who loves to talk about numbers, doing a “69” can take on a whole new meaning. Of course, her proclivity for discussing numbers and their meanings may take a back seat to more pressing matters, if you think the world is about to be swallowed up in a black hole. That is the start of Maximum Shame by Spanish filmmaker Carlos Atanes.»

B Movie Man

«I would recommend this movie to someone who just wants to see something different and unique. This is a original. And hats off to Carlos for having the balls to make this movie.»
Horrorphilia Podcast

«The warehouse of Maximum Shame is a very particular closed universe, a freakshow wonderland that Ana Mayo’s Alice ventures into. But it is also and more disturbingly a distilled mirror version of the real universe we all occupy right now.»
Bright Lights Film Journal

«Defying all description is Carlos Atanes’ Maximum Shame. The film is packed with ideas and obsessions and peopled with an outlandish cast in an absurdist environment. The result is incredibly engaging on both a visceral and an intellectual level. Maximum Shame is a narrative puzzle which, like chess, sets up a series of rules that are superficially simple but which allow for endlessly complex positions to be developed and explored. This is a film that does expect you to pay attention and one that will challenge you to consider many of your preconceived notions. It is also a richly rewarding experience.»
Pulp Movies

«Carlos Atanes is back with a most strange hybrid of science fiction, horror, comedy and musical. It features a lot of fetish clothing and bizarre S&M tools to keep mouth open. At the same time, it is disturbingly fascinating… and funny!»
Extraordinary Movie & Video Guide