Movie Review-Madison County

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Plot-5 college kids get in the jeep for a trip to a town called Madison County, to interview the author of some book on the accounts of several grisly murders that happened in this small town. When they get to Madison County, things get odd when they cannot find the author and the town folk are acting all kinds of weird. Soon our college kids get more than they bargained for when they start to realize that there is more to this book then they think. Why do these silly college kids always seem to get in these situations?

Review-Madison County as a whole is a clear case of a little too late. This film is only 81 minutes, and it is so by the numbers in its dialogue,and feeling for the first 46 minutes, that when the slashing and killing does happen, it almost feels like a afterthought. I cannot say if the dialogue was good or bad, because it seems to have ripped off so many other films. Same situations as with all films in this vein. They will meet a weird person on their adventure, and that wont deter them for still going forward with the plan. They will meet town folk who are holding a secret and feeling unwelcome, and that wont deter them. They will split up and one has to find the truth about this town. And no one ever notices that one by one they seem to not be returning back to the group. Horror Film 101. I just wish this film would have been the anti to the formula. I love when films take chances, even the lowest budget films can find originality. The slasher element of this film is this pig mask huge guy they call Damien. Played by Nick Principe who was Chromeskull in the Laid to Rest films. And Robert Hall lent his talents to the effects. The kills were half way fun and ok. Where this film started to shine, and at least try to break out of convention was in the final 25 minutes. To attack the actors would be silly, it looked like they were reciting their favorite films. Word for word. I know the reaction to this review, “well what do you expect for 70k”. I expect 70k of work. This film was not that bad, but how many fans can sit thru the first 40 plus minutes of things they have seen in 100’s of films, to get to the good stuff. And, what is to say, they would even think that was good after putting up with what they had to put up with? Make no mistake, if you are a Laid to Rest fan, you will dig Robert’s influence and Nick’s role. That was clearly a highlight. The kills did deliver some good fun.

I hate films that start off in a scenario and force us into it, not knowing what is going on or who is who. And, how many times can you hit people in the back of the head with baseball bats and they are not dead, concussion, or mentally gone? You bash someone as hard as you can with a bat, esp. a 105 pound lady, and she is out cold for what a few seconds. She should be dead. I understand suspending my disbelief, but you guys are asking me to truly throw logic and my brain out the window with my disbelief. I know it is a horror film, and those rules do not apply. If you go into most horror films thinking or trying to put logic into it, you will hate it. My problem is, why does horror have to be so repetitive and dumbed down to try and get people to notice or care? I think the common horror fan likes to think, and does need a done to death formula to be a fan. This just seemed like a big budget version of Porkchop. Well, it is a little better than Porkchop. Also, why does every film have to have these two people who travel together, natural enemies and at odds,but over the course of a adventure start to bond? And, there is a scene where one of the kids is taking photos and notices something in the picture background, that could have saved them from Madison County, but never tells anyone and does the trip anyway. And, when two people go in the woods and one has to go pee, why do they go about a mile away and the other can not hear any screaming or killing? Again, logic and common thought meet the window. I get it..

All in all, there is nothing really that separates this from the other 100 films that will come out next month, about those darn college kids going on a trip in a weird town, with a local legend wanting to off them all. And, kudos for the Q and A at the Mann’s Chinese Theater. ( this is in the special features). I can say whatever I want positive or negative about this film, but to watch the cast and crew respect the audience and stick around to talk and hang out with them, is a class act. I liked 40, 50 percent of this film. And, I know with a bigger budget comes bigger films, and that is the real test. See you, next review. The Q and A, gets a point all by itself for being so cool to the fans.

6 out of 10

  • Moparmenace

    Is there a negative 1 star? A couple of my friends recommended that I see this movie. After sitting through an hour and a half of my life that I can NEVER get back, I have come to the conclusion that I need new, Un-Dumbass friends. Even at the $1.20 price I feel cheated… Enjoy.