Movie Review: Hotchfeld (2012)

Movie Review: Hotchfeld (2012)Director: Barry Kneller
Writer: Barry Kneller
Stars: Robert Costanzo, Richard Portnow and Donnie Jeffcoat

Hotchfeld is the head collector for Salvatore Vorrato, one of the largest bookies in Los Angeles. Hotchfeld is masterful in the art of collection and practices with a distaste for the gambling junkie. Vorrato instructs Hotchfeld to take his nephew out on the job to prepare him for the business, but his disgruntled number one employee, Joe, has plans of his own. HOTCHFELD is a film about deceit, leaving the message, People can be lucky, but luck always ends. For everybody.

Bravo and well done. Let’s face it. A lot of times, most of the movies, and especially the shorts, that are submitted to us are lacking on so many levels. Every once in a while though, we find that diamond in the rough that makes it all worthwhile. Well, okay, I really did not find it. Rather, it was found for me. Regardless of the source of Hotchfeld, I can honestly say that this is one of the best shorts that I have seen in years. It was spot on from every level.

Hotchfeld centers around the lead, Hotchfeld, who is the head collector for Salvatore Vorrato. Hotchfeld is the best of the best in his field. When all else fails, they send Hotchfeld to get the job done.

On a seemingly typical day for Hotchfeld, he is asked to take out Vorrato’s nephew to teach him the ropes of the business. All it not as it seems though as this tale begins to unwind quickly and we find out that all is not as it seems.

I will say that I was glued to the screen on this one, eagerly waiting for the story to unravel its secrets. Of course, the story was not the only thing that Hotchfeld has going for it though. The acting is spot on and the camera work is suitable as well. I am really finding it hard to find faults in this short, and I cannot say that about too many films that I have watched.

I give this one a very high recommendation, so when you can get your hands on it, please do so. You will not regret it.