Movie Review-Hell’s Labyrinth

Plot- Kate Walker is kidnapped, when she wakes she finds herself trapped in a chamber. She realizes she’s not the only prisoner, as nineteen others share the same fate. Hunted by some creatures, the group must band together and try to escape this fate that has been placed on them.

Review-If you are a fan of syfy low budget and self-claiming original TV movies, this may be just the treat for you. This film has so many things are just wrong with it, that the special effects and acting almost seem like after-thoughts compared to how boring this actual film really and truly is. This film is basically people trapped within a CGI castle battle CGI monster, and it adds nothing original to any other CGI castle battling monsters film you may have seen in the last decade. Kate, who is the main character, gets a flat tire while driving in some isolated woods somewhere, that no matter how many films come out about the dangers people still travel on them. Soon after the flat, a guy comes along in a truck & abducts her after knocking her out with a shovel. So far this film sounds like just about the other 14 I have seen before it. So now, Kate wakes up to find herself tapped inside what looks like a huge labyrinth that is populated by some awful graphics that look like either video game or bad, bad syfy. These bad graphics are supposed to be scary ten foot tall monsters, that bring fear to us. They were just laughable and horribly awful. Now along with all the other survivors, Kate has to dodge traps and the monsters for them to make it out alive.

This film is not as bad as recent fare like Jabberwock, but be warned it is pretty boringly bad. This film suffers from characters who are just void of personality or charisma, something to make them transcend the script and make us want to care about them or the story. I won’t blame the script so much, as films like this, who watches them for the dialogue? This film had so many negatives and so much to hate, that some fans that are fans of the super cheese, may enjoy this film a lot. To watch this all the way thru felt like watching a mercy killing, that this film was begging me to take it out of its misery. All in all, not even the hot actresses in this film can make up for what little they gave the screen in terms of believability and delivery. Avoid this mess, and tune into syfy 20 times a day for a free bad film, so that you can save your money on and buy something else. And the cover may look cool, and scream your name to watch it. Even, if this is in the Redbox, save your dollars.

1.5 out of 10